Sturdy wood shelf with brass hardware

If you've browsed our website, you've no doubt noticed our wood shelves. They're beautifully crafted from hardwood and make a great-looking addition to any room.

They're also tough enough to resist moisture, scratches, and other hazards that can impact wood products.

How Can a Wood Shelf Stand Against Moisture?

We understand if you've avoided buying wood shelves because you thought moisture would do a number on them. 

Wood shelf with towel bar and galley bar over bathtub

As you can see from this photo, it's perfectly fine to put a wood shelf in a bathroom, even right over the tub if you want - if your shelf is made with the right kind of wood.

The wood we put in shelves isn't made from no manigot, as Tony Soprano would sayWe use tough South American Ipe hardwood. It's naturally resistant against mold, rot, pests, and even scratches and fire. They use this wood for boardwalks and outdoor decks, for cryin' out loud!

The shelf shown above comes from our Carolina Crystal collection and includes a gallery shelf and towel bar. The finish is Venetian Bronze, one of 17 standard finishes we offer for our brass and wood collections.

The hardware is brass (of course!) which is also highly resistant to moisture and won't rust because brass doesn't contain iron. The zinc and copper components in brass also protects against bacteria - another plus in damp places like bathrooms, kitchens, and delicatessens. 

Shelves with Single, Double, and Triple Tiers

We design with practicality in mind as well as style. So we created shelves that can be used to show off your kitchen and other tchotchkes. Typically, these are single shelves like this one from our Washington Square collection:

Single wood shelf with brass hardware Allied Brass


Finish: Oil-Rubbed Bronze

Our wood shelves come in two lengths: 16" and 22". Both are 5.5" width.

 Are you looking for a shelf to put in the garage or use at a weekend cabin? Our three-tiered Camo wood shelf could be the answer.

Camo Collection Triple Wood Shelf With Pipe

 Camo is one of our two collections that uses hardware made from pipe. The other, Pipeline, features similar products and offers eight different finishes, including matte white, gray, and black. We use pipe made from brass tubing and bushing (for flanges and details), so these collections won't rust, either.

Here's a triple wood shelf from Pipeline. Note the decorative drilled holes on the mounting hardware. 

 3-tiered hard wood shelf with pipe hardware

Finish: Matte Gray

Both collections also include double and single-wood shelves. You can also request to add gallery bars or towel bars, or both. Just specify these in your order.

Adding Wood Shelves to TP Holders

We've also added wood shelves to go over toilet paper holders. You know why.

 Double roll TP holder with wood shelf

These shelves are really handy in restrooms, too, where they can keep smartphones, wallets, purses, keys, and other items from hitting the water. The one above is from our Waverly Place collection.

Here's a three-roll holder with shelf from our Dottingham collection:

3-roll TP holder with wood shelf

Finish: Antique Bronze

It's worth noting that TP holders with shelves are also available in a vertical design. Shelves are offered for select Allied Brass wall-mounted toilet paper holders.

 We can do customized work as well. Custom colors are easy to arrange; details are available on any of our product pages. Contact us with your design ideas and let's see how we can get it done!

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