Designer 18" brass door pulls for a refrigerator

What kind of handles are on the doors over there?

We aren't talking about one of the greatest bands ever but about doors inside your home, as in interior doors and doors on appliances. Adding in sturdy, decorative pulls underscores both utility and design.

Refrigerator Pulls You'll Love Madly

Nothing beats brass door pulls for appliances like refrigerators. We've been continually amazed at the flimsiness of pulls on some new ones. We noticed scratches on displays that we know aren't exactly being manhandled.

Our products are designed for style and finished with coatings that won't peel, tear, rip, fade, or rust.

Our refrigerator pulls are 18" in length, with lots of room to firmly grip them. Here's a fridge/freezer with three handles:

Decorative brass pulls fridge and freezer

 Finish: Matte Gray

Click on the image above (or any image) to see details, including other finishes we offer - 17 in total for all brass products. In addition, this particular refrigerator pull is available with four styles on the rings at either end of the pull - smooth, twisted, dotted, and grooved. Rings can be previewed in different finishes as well.

Here's another popular style in refrigerator pulls, shown here in a shiny polished chrome finish:


Door Pulls For Cabinets and Other Doors

We also offer doors pulls suitable for cabinets and other doors. Many are parts of our larger collections and available in three sizes - 8", 12", and 18". 

Here's a pair of door handles from our Pipeline collection. Made from actual brass pipe tubings, it's an attractive option for closet and laundry room doors as well as cabinetry.

Pipeline door handles made from pipe

Finish: Matte Black

We offer eight finishes in the Pipeline collection. Also check out the door pulls in our Camo collection

Have you invested in designer cabinets? Decorate them accordingly. This beautifully cabinet features drawer pulls in matte white from our Carolina Crystal collection:

eight inch brass cabinet pull with crystal inlay


Do you have a panel-ready refrigerator, or planning one for a kitchen remodel? Consider door pulls for these fridges, like this one used in a particularly elegant remodel:

Brass cabinet pulls for built in cabinet refrigerator

Finish: Venetian Bronze

3" Door Pulls and Designer Knobs

Kitchens are among some of the larger rooms in a home, and there's plenty of room to mix and match cabinet hardware.

Many customers like to mix in our designer brass knobs in kitchens, as seen in the photo above. And why not? We have more than 70 brass knobs and 3" pulls that can 'hob knob' with the best!

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