To Our Allied Brass Friends,

We hope you are doing well and staying safe during this pandemic.

At this time, our fulfillment capabilities have not been impacted and we are operating safely with our full staff of factory and warehouse workers. We are doing so in full adherence to guidelines established by the U.S. government and our home state of Virginia. Our employees are able to work at a distance from one another and when possible, from their homes. We have been very lucky to not lose any staff, for any reason, during this crisis. We had already been taking precautions for the flu season with plenty of hand sanitizers around the building and constant reminders to wash hands, as well as tissues to "catch" coughs or sneezes.

For the past month, we have taken extra steps to keep the office and our machinery clean, wipe down surfaces that have been touched, and halting business-related travel. More communication is done via phone, email, texting, and videoconferencing. We will continue to take every precaution to keep employees safe while fulfilling customer orders for shipment.

Going forward, we anticipate more business activity when this pandemic ends - and we are confident it will end. We look forward to working with our customers as they restart remodeling and redecorating projects. Please continue to check out our social media (Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn) and subscribe to our email to learn about new products, sales, and special offers.
Thank you and stay safe!

Robert J. Andris
President and CEO