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If you haven't thought about shower curtain rods before, we're about to change your mind.

You have at least one bathroom with a pretty nice shower curtain, right?  Hang it on something sturdy and with brackets to complement that curtain.

Shower Curtain Rods vs Glass Doors

We have shower curtains and glass doors in our home. We definitely will keep the bathtub/shower combination protected by a shower curtain rather than glass doors.

One reason is that it's so much easier to step out of a shower or shower/tub combination when there aren't doors to contend with. (We do have glass doors for a shower-only stall, with Allied Brass shower door hardware, of course.)

Click on any of the images below to preview other finishes.

Decorative Shower Curtain Brackets Complement Your Curtains

Shower curtain brackets are the decorative ends of rods. Pair them with a sturdy rod, and you'll provide a subtle complement to your shower curtain, which is likely a work of art itself!

We provide both shower curtain rods and brackets made from brass, which won't rust and is highly resistant to moisture.

This bracket with a brushed bronze finish comes from our Prestige Regal collection and is available with or without the bubble detail. Like all our brass products, it's available in 17 standard powder finishes that won't peel or fade with normal use. 


 A bracket from our popular Dottingham collection is below, shown in a shiny polished brass finish. The dotted circles are a primary feature for this collection of 80 unique products.

If your tastes and decor are more on the modern rather than traditional side, consider shower curtain brackets from our Montero collection, defined by evenly stacked blocks and clean lines.  

Finish: Antique Bronze

Our Skyline collection features cylindrical and rounded details shown in the bracket below.

Finish: Satin Brass

The bracket features a smooth design on the cylinder ring. Click on the image to preview it with other ring designs: dotted, twisted, and grooved.

Brass Shower Curtain Rods Last For Decades

What's holding up your shower curtain right now?

If it's not brass, chances are it's starting to rust or peel. Why not get a new brass shower curtain rod that won't do any of that and will last for a lifetime?

We offer two expandable brass shower curtain rods. Both are 1" in diameter and are perfect fits for our brackets. One expands to 60" and the other to 72". We can't think of a better support for your shower curtain.

Our rods come in the same 17 shades as the brackets. Order brackets and rods in the same finish, or consider different finishes to pack a real punch over the tub!

All Allied Brass products ship free throughout Canada. 

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