Brass three arm floor towel stand

Are your kids settling into a new home? Or are you settling into one yourself?

Give that new home a solid boost with brass accessories that will last a lifetime.

Decorative Brass Hardware for New Homes

Our accessories, all designed and crafted in Virginia (Sic Semper Tyrannis!) are created especially for bathrooms and kitchens, and many, such as our wood and glass shelves, find their places throughout a home. Click on any photograph to preview different shades and sizes.

Brass and glass shelf with towel barFinish: Satin Brass


Finish: Brushed Bronze

We make our accessories only from brass and brass pipe casings that won't ever rust. We use powder-coatings that won't fade or peel. Our customers choose from 17 standard finish shades for our brass collections, plus nine for pipe-made accessories.

New Homeowners Will Appreciate Accessorizing With Brass

Canadian parents are a pretty generous lot according to Yahoo! Finance, which reports they spend more than $80,000 CA to help their young'uns leave the nest and buy real estate of their own.


For new homeowners, gifts of brass accessories could be the icing on the Horton's. Because it resists moisture and rust, brass is perfect for accessories used in the kitchen and bathroom.

New homeowners will love the permanence brass delivers. It's strong and so easy to design with - we have 38 distinct collections that harmonize with traditional elegance, modern farmhouse, industrial, French country, even one for outdoor or military enthusiasts (our Camo collection). 

Brass is Best for Bathrooms

Even better, many of our larger collections like Dottingham and Pipeline feature a full complement of bathroom accessories. Here are some from Dottingham:

European-style toilet paper holder. Finish: Matte Gray

Above: Wall-mounted brass soap dish holder. Finish: Satin Nickel. Glass soap dish included.


Towel ring. Finish: Oil-Rubbed Bronze


Wall-mounted tumbler and toothbrush holder. Finish: Antique Brass.

Here are links to our complement of basic bathroom accessories:

You'll find there are several kinds of towel holders - towel bars, ladder bars, towel rings, and more- that come in different shapes and sizes.

Toilet paper holders also come in different styles, hold multiple rolls, and are available with glass or wood shelves over them.

Shower baskets are really, really great for people who need a lot of stuff for their bath or shower. Ours are made with brass and coated ventilated brass wiring to allow draining. Here's one of the dozen baskets we have available:

Finish: Polished Brass

Notice that there are two levels on this basket. 

Here are more specialized bathroom accessories for new homeowners who think they've got everything!

 Check out our ideas for accessorizing kitchens with decorative brass.

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