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Kitchens got quite the workout this past year! Like many people, you probably turned to home cooking much more often and developed new skills or brushed up old ones. 

Now that you and the kitchen are so well-acquainted, maybe it's time to dress it up a bit more.

Dress Up That Fridge!

The fridge probably got more use this year than anyone would have expected.

On the plus side, fridges work most efficiently when they're fuller so long as there's enough space for chilled air to circulate. On the minus side, all that opening and closing can wear out the hardware.

Luckily, Allied Brass Canada is here to dress up the fridge door! Our appliance and door pulls for fridges, ovens, and actual doors dress up those well-used spaces, especially refrigerators.

We recommend 18" pulls made especially for refrigerators, like this elegant one shown in an antique pewter finish:

18" refrigerator door pull Allied Brass Canada

Made with 100% brass, this sturdy pull comes with hardware and installation instructions. It's one of 12 door pulls made specifically for refrigerators.

And like all our brass products, it's available in 17 different finishes. Click on any  of the photos here to preview all finishes and get close-up views.

Invest In A Sturdy Paper Towel Holder

How's your paper towel holder holding up?

If your answer is something like "ick" or "what paper towel holder?" you really owe it to yourself to treat your kitchen and its cooks (including "microwave cooks") to a sturdy and frankly, more utilitarian paper towel holder.

We take paper towel holders seriously. We've designed PT holders for countertops that can be moved around, to bolt under a cabinet or on a wall, and with glass shelves above the towel holders.

Let's start with paper towel holders with shelves. Those shelves are incredibly useful to store nontoxic cleaners, a spare sponge or wipe, or your most-used spices and seasonings. Here's one with a glass shelf from our Prestige Regal collection:

Paper towel holder with glass shelf Allied Brass

This one is finished in a bright polished brass coating that won't rust, tear, peel, or fade with normal use. The shelf is made with splinter-proof safety glass that's about four times stronger than regular, untreated glass. It's available in 16" and 22" lengths.

Countertop Paper Towel Holders

Our countertop paper towel holders are popular since they can be easily moved around. This is useful if you have an island in the kitchen to prepare food or your kitchen does double-duty as a space for homework, arts and crafts, science projects, or hosts messy or accident-prone eaters.

This countertop PT holder from our Carolina collection is a great companion for any cook or budding scientist. The finish is antique copper.

Paper towel holder countertop Allied Brass Canada

We will admit we're partial to this traditional countertop paper towel valet because it's so dramatic!

Dramatic countertop paper towel holder Allied Brass


This one is finished in polished chrome. We designed it to look like an elegant candle stick.

Under-Cabinet or Wall-Mounted Paper Towel Holders 

If kitchen space is a little tight, consider a paper towel holder that mounts under a cabinet. We love this one from our Pipeline collection, shown here in a satin nickel finish:

Under counter paper towel holder Allied Brass Pipeline collection

The Pipeline collection features accessories made from actual pipe, and offers eight different finishes. Many Pipeline accessories are also found in our Camo collection, which features pipe-constructed accessories with camouflage finishes.

Here's another under-the-counter PT holder, from our Skyline collection. It's shown here in an antique copper finish:

Under the counter paper towel holder Allied Brass Skyline collection

 Wall-Mounted Paper Towel Holders

Our wall-mounted paper towel holders are nothing like the ones you remember from school. These are designer holders!

Here's a posh example from our Montero collection, which has a modern Cubist-influenced style:

Wall mounted paper towel holder Allied Brass Canada

The finish is a rich Venetian bronze. Picasso liked to cook, and we think he'd choose a Montero accessory for his kitchen!

Display Your Favourite Mugs!

Kitchens are also places where people like to showcase their favourite kitchenwares and knickknacks.

We have a huge selection of shelves suitable for kitchens that we previewed in an earlier post. Certainly, you can use shelves to show off favourite pieces or keep your most-used spices in easy reach.

And how about mugs?

So many people collect mugs from their travels or get them as gifts. But mugs take up a lot of cabinet space, don't they? We suggest that mug collections should be displayed with as much care as Mum's tea set and still be in easy reach of Mr. Coffee or the Keurig. 

We offer a jolly set of mug holders that organize and show off your collection. They come from our Pipeline and Camo collections, and feature traditional rounded hooks that store four or six mugs apiece. 

Our mug holders are available in countertop, under-the-counter, and wall-mounted styles. Get one for your mug collection today!

6-mug organizer Allied Brass Canada


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