Carolina Crystal Collection Glass Shelf with Gallery Rail

We're designers and purveyors of some of the finest brass hardware and housewares you'll find in North America. One of the many things we love about brass is that it works so well with other materials, especially glass.

As a couple, brass and glass complement each other. That's because we use tempered safety glass (3/8" thick) that's about four times stronger than regular glass and won't shatter into shards.

Brass and Glass Shelves - a Beautiful Partnership

We started matchmaking by pairing glass and brass on shelves. They turned out to become one of our most popular items.

We have well over 200 brass and glass shelves to choose from that include single, double, and triple shelves and shelves over toilet paper holders. (Pretty convenient, eh?)

We'll start with the decked-out single shelf above from our Carolina Crystal collection, which features crystal glass inlay with every piece. The polished chrome finish really makes it stand out.

Here's another single beaut, from our Pacific Grove collection with a towel bar underneath it!

Brass and glass shelf with towel bar Allied Brass

Pacific Grove, along with our Pacific Beach and Clearview collections, mixes acrylic detail in the brass. So here you have three materials: brass, glass, and clear acrylic. The finish is brushed brass.

Why stop with one shelf, we asked? This glass is pretty strong! And so we created double and triple shelves. Here's a double shelf  from our Prestige Regal collection, shown here with gallery bars and in a bright polished brass finish.

Brass and glass shelf with gallery bars Allied Brass Canada 

For those who have a lot of items to shelve or who can't part with anything, we have plenty of triple shelves. Here's one from our modern Montero collection, shown with a polished chrome finish.

Triple brass and glass shelf Allied Brass

 A few other pointers:

  • All our brass and glass shelves come in 17 standard finishes including three in matte colors (white, black, grey)
  • We can customize a color for a one-time fee so you can use that color over and over again with no additional cost in the future
  • All shelves come in two sizes: 16" and 22" (40.6 cm and 55.8 cm for those who still insist on the metric system)
  • We can add galley bars and towel bars to any shelf

That's Me In The Corner

Is space a bit tight up there? Our corner glass shelves take advantage of little-used spaces like, well, corners. We offer them in double and triple tiers. The glass is curved and beveled.

Here's a double shelf from our South Beach collection, which features finials with concentric circles. This one is finished in antique copper.Corner brass and glass shelf Allied Brass

We have about a dozen styles of corner shelves. Search for "corner shelf" on our website to see them.

"I Like Butterfly!" - Floating Shelves

Finally, we have floating-style brass and glass shelves. Search for "float" and you'll see another dozen of these unique shelves, available with and without a gallery rail. This one from our Waverly Place collection has a matte white finish.

Floating brass and glass shelf matte white finish Allied Brass

No harm was done to any person or persons in creating floating shelves.

Contact us if you have questions about any of our products. Let us know if you got the butterfly references!

Brass and glass shelvesGlass shelves