Mirror for Bathroom design

What kind of mirror do you have in your bathroom?

Are you relying on a modest medicine cabinet mirror? How about an attractive frameless and beveled brass mirror that lets you see more of your gorgeous self? 

Vanity Mirrors Brighten Up the Bathroom

Vanity can be a good thing, especially when you consider vanity mirrors. Mirrors are expected to be part of the package, right?

Our wall-mounted vanity mirrors come in lots of shapes and sizes. Here are the basics:

  • Shapes - round, oval, landscape, rectangular, and arched.
  • Sizes differ by shape. Landscaped mirrors are 21"x21"x26" while round ones are 22".
  • All  are frameless and have elegant beveled edges.
  • Choose rail-mounts or tilted styles
  • Available in 17 standard finishes
  • Mounting hardware and detailed hanging instructions included.

Rail Mount or Tilted Mirror?

Here's an intriguing choice: a rail mount or tilt mirror.

All our mirrors are available with rail mounts to keep a steady perspective, or that let you tilt the mirror up and down. It's really a personal choice.

We do think those rails add a lot of personality to a mirror. This round mirror from our Carolina Crystal collection will really brighten up the bathroom, don't you think? It's finished in brushed bronze.


Allied Brass Carolina Crystal Collection Round Frameless Rail Mounted Mirror

 Those six glass crystals really pop out, too. 

On the other hand, the tilt function can help with eliminating shadows and catch more light. They're also useful in bathrooms shared by people with a lot of difference in height.

 Here's a landscaped rectangular mirror from our contemporary Montero collection.



Mirrors From Our Pipeline Collection

We should also mention that we construct mirrors from actual pipe as well courtesy our Pipeline collection. These mirrors are available as tilt only at this time.

Here's an oval Pipeline mirror with an antique bronze finish on the hardware.

Allied Brass oval mirror Pipeline

 Pipeline is a great style to complement industrial or retro décor. You really should check out this collection if your place has exposed pipe or brick.

Ceiling-Hung Mirrors!

Here's an eye-opener: mirrors hanging from the ceiling!

Ceiling-hung mirrors have been arresting features used for quite some time in elegant restrooms, boutiques, image-conscious hotels, and homes where fine decor is important.

Ceiling hung mirror from Allied Brass


These mirrors add  stylish accents, particularly in rooms with high ceilings. We've also heard from customers who use them as inventive ways to divide a room or large space.

These mirrors are available in the same shapes as our wall-mounted mirrors. 

Isn't it time to update the mirrors in your life? Shop all our mirrors today!

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