Brass and acrylic shower door handle Allied Brass Canada

Bathrooms usually need some kind of  style update every five years according to Decorator Snob, a name we applaud for its honesty.

This doesn't mean a total remodel, which can get pricey. Updating decorative hardware for a bathroom is a lot less expensive and takes almost no time to do. Plus it's a lot more fun, in our humble opinion!

New Towels Deserve New Towel Holders

Are your towels looking a little worn out? It's time to update them. And while you're doing that, get new towel holders to show them off. 

If clothes make the person, then towels make the bathroom. And every fluffy new towel deserves a sturdy towel holder to support it. Our designer solutions meet both specs - they're attractive and they're strong. 

Towel Holders For Lots Of Towels

Even better, we created styles that work in tight spaces and can hold lots of towels. Here's one of our most popular solutions - a ladder-style towel bar from our Pacific Beach collection:

Allied Brass ladder towel bar  

 This four-tier ladder towel bar comes in three sizes: 24", 30", and 36". It's also available in four ring accents - smooth, dotted, grooved, and twisted. Browse the towel bar collection to see more ladder towel bars, or search for "ladder" on the site.

Pacific Beach is one of three collections that combine acrylic touches with brass. The other two are Pacific Grove and Clearview, where you'll find towel bars, towel rings, and even toilet paper holders with acrylic arms.

 Towel shelves provide another stylish way to hold multiple towels. We remember seeing them in motel bathrooms on family vacations. We designed towel shelves with hooks, multiple shelves, towel bars, and as open shelves with options to drape or stack towels, like this one from our Pipeline collection:

Allied Brass Pipeline towel shelf

We're probably better known for our train rack towel shelves, like this one from our Carolina Crystal collection.

Allied Brass train rack towel shelf

This one includes hooks and two towel bars!

 Double, Single, and Ring Style Towel Holders

Our core towel holders are double and single towel bars and towel rings

Browse our full towel bar collection and you'll notice that many double and single towel bars some from the same collection and style, like these from our Astor Place collection:

Allied Brass single towel barAllied Brass double towel bar

Both of these towel bars are shown here with a brushed bronze finish, one of 17 standard finishes we offer on our brass products. 

Dress Up Shower Hardware

Do you have shower doors or a shower curtain to keep the water in the tub or shower? 

Guess what? We have hardware for both - and chances are, it's time to update a shower curtain or shower door. And since they're made with brass, they can actually disinfect itself against bacteria and fungi thanks to the copper in its composition. Brass is also rust-resistant, a quality we boost with specialty coatings that keep our products from peeling or corroding as well.

Honestly, we find shopping for shower curtain to be a lot of fun. The design options are endless. Go to Pinterest for ideas. And once you've selected a new curtain, consider putting in new shower curtain rod brackets to provide sturdy support for your shower curtain rod - with a flair that matches your bathroom decor. 

We also offer brass shower curtain rods that fit any of our brackets. You'll see them in the link above and include rods that extend to 60" and 72".

The brackets in our Montero collection are perfect for a bathroom with modern touches. This Montero bracket is finished in a shiny polished nickel:

Allied Brass shower curtain rod

For bathrooms with a more traditional look, the bracket from our Monte Carlo collection features an intricate leaf pattern that's a perfect fit:

Shower curtain rod Allied Brass Canada

Shower Door Hardware with Tons of Options

Shower doors are more popular now than ever before, especially in 3/4 bathrooms with shower stalls and a separate tub, or no tub like our own en suite bathroom. 

We designed more than 50 shower door hardware options that include back-to-back door pulls and towel bars. 

  • Our brass door pulls come in three sizes - 8", 12" and 18"
  • Towel bar sizes are 18", 24" and 30"

Here's a gorgeous shower door pull with groove details and a brilliant polished brass finish from our Clearview collection:

Allied Brass Canada shower door pull

Do you like what you see? We also designed towel bar holders for shower doors. This one comes from our Prestige Regal collection, and has a handsome antique pewter finish:

Shower door towel bar Allied Brass Canada

Shower Doors Versus Shower Curtains

The decision to get a shower door or shower curtain really depends on who is using the shower or tub.

If safety is an issue, we recommend shower curtains. Shower doors can be challenging for young children and even some adults to navigate.

Keep in mind that shower curtains and liners should be regularly laundered. It can be something of a chore to take curtains and liners down and put them back up.

If you're installing shower doors, be sure to ask about coatings that resist limescale, especially if you have hard water. Get a squeegee to keep the glass clean and spot-free. We offer two squeegee styles in 17 different finishes.







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