Dual roll toilet paper holder with wood shelf

We've been talking lately about how decorative hardware is an easy way to update a bathroom. It's important to consider smaller but key accessories like brass toothbrush holders and toilet paper holders also achieve this and are used multiple times a day!

Brass Toothbrush Holders Make a Bold Statement

Aren't you tired of ceramic and plastic in bathrooms? It won't take long for them to fade, chip, or break - especially toothbrush holders. At the very least, they get a lot of water splashed or dripped on them, sometimes mixed with toothpaste or oral rinses.

A brass toothbrush holder, though, won't get ruined by exposure. A simple wipe cleans everything off - no scrubbing needed. Even better, the copper and zinc that make up brass have antibacterial qualities that kill germs and prevent them from passing among people who share bathroom space.

It's time to retire the old ceramic or (gasp!) plastic toothbrush holder for a decorative one that will last you for years. We have dozens of tumbler/toothbrush combinations and stand-alone tumbler holders to check out. Here's one of our top-sellers, from our Continental collection:

Allied Brass tumbler toothbrush holder

The finish is satin brass, one of 17 standard finishes we offer. Click on the image to reach the product page, where you can preview different finishes, get close-up views, and check out the installation specs. We provide all hardware and even include a nice thick glass tumbler!

Here's another favorite that takes up a lot less space and looks so cool. 

Allied Brass Canada tumbler toothbrush holder

 This is from our Retro Wave collection. The polished chrome finish shown here gives it a kind of Canadarm feel, doesn't it? 

 We also have separate holders for tumblers and toothbrushes like this vanity top toothbrush holder from our Pipeline collection:

Vanity top toothbrush holder Allied Brass Canada

This matte grey is one of eight finishes available in the Pipeline collection. 

Install Toilet Paper Holders With Style

We understand that toilet paper holders were created with a very specific purpose. But why not give them style?

We certainly do. We designed TP holders for private bathrooms (to hold single and double roles, with options for shelves!) and with multiple roll holders ideal for washrooms.

We've have the most fun designed single-roll toilet paper holders. Some are wall-mounted, while others fit recessed spaces common in older home like this one from our Pacific Grove collection.Recessed toilet paper holder Allied Brass Canada

The brushed bronze finish, coupled with the acrylic inlay, is a great way to update an older bathroom you might want to preserve for any number of reasons: solid construction, fantastic stand-alone tub with lion feet, etc.

 We love the look of roller-free European toilet paper holders like this one from our Fresno collection:

Allied Brass Canada European toilet paper holder

The satin nickel finish is an elegant match for this design from Fresno, a collection of easygoing designs that fit in just about any setting. 

 Finally, we have to show off our toilet paper holders with shelves.

We had office restrooms in mind for these (we have shelves over double and triple rolls, with both horizontal and vertical orientations) when we first designed them. But they are so good in powder rooms and even private bathrooms. Use them to hold air fresheners, an extra roll or two, or the hockey section or crossword puzzle.

Here's a favorite in polished nickel from the Washington Square collection:

Toilet paper holder with glass shelf Allied Brass Canada

See more of our TP holders with glass shelves and wood shelves.

We can also customize designs and colors. Contact us today with your ideas and questions! And remember, shipping is free throughout Canada.




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