Carolina Collection 6 Position Tie and Belt Rack

Everyone says they want a tidy home. For many of us, this means keeping stuff like towels and rucksacks off the floor. The best way to achieve this? Hooks! 

Decorate and Organize With Sturdy, Stylish Multi Hooks 

If you're serious about keeping your place tidy, you need hooks that will do the job. That should include using hooks that look good on your walls!

We designed multi hook sets of two, three, and six hooks for this purpose. Allied Brass hooks are ready for your home in 35 of our distinctive brass collections and our equally striking pipe-made collection, Pipeline.

Here's a two-hook set from Pipeline in a brushed bronze finish, one of eight finishes in this collection.

Two hook set from Allied Brass Pipeline collection

Be sure to check out three and six-hook sets from Pipeline as well.

Of course, most of our products are made with brass. Brass is great for decorative hardware designers like us - it's easy to mold it into different shapes without compromising strength. Here's a good overview of brass properties.

Pipeline is popular for its steampunk and industrial look. If you prefer a modern cubist style, check out this three-hook set from our Montero Collection:

Allied Brass Montero Collection 3 Multi Hook Set

This set is finished in polished nickel, one of 17 standard finishes in our brass collections.

New Looks for the Hooks

We're designers, so we like to come up with new looks. Working with multi hook sets was a lot of fun!

You won't catch any fish with this six-hook tie and belt rack set from our Mercury collection, but it will hold those essential pieces - 

Six hook set Allied Brass

-  plus scarves, necklaces, lanyards the kids make at camp. In other words, anything that tends to slip off a hangar and land on a closet floor. This set is has a satin brass finish. 

Our Prestige Skyline collection also plays with the traditional hook. Here's a three-hook piece with a bold polished brass finish:

3 brass hooks Allied Brass


Interested in a really different type of hook?

How about these capsule-shaped hooks from our Tango collection with a bright polished chrome finish?

Pellet shaped multi hooks Allied Brass

 Or these playful cylinder-shaped hooks with button details from our Fresno Collection with a warm antique copper finish?

two hook set button shape Allied Brass

Click on any of the photos above to preview different shades and use our site's magnifying view feature.

Free Shipping, All Mounting Hardware Included

All Allied Brass multi hook sets come with mounting hardware (made from steel to provide the strongest possible attachment) and installation instructions. All come with a limited lifetime warranty against fading, peeling, and rusting under. normal use.

All ship free throughout Canada. 

Now look around you. We're certain there are bits and bobs you can keep sorted with a set of sturdy hooks. Don't put off tidying up too long - you know summer is on the way!