Allied Brass Canada wall mounted scent stick holder

Do you like to burn incense? So do we. 

Many of the table-top incense burners we find look great but they're a little too easy for inquisitive young minds to reach, touch, and burn. So we decided to design a safer way to burn incense by designing a burner to mount to a wall.

A Great Use of Wall Space

If you've browsed the category listings on our website, you might have taken a look at our miscellaneous wall mounted accessories - those that don't fall into larger categories like shelves and toilet paper holders. They include smaller sets of clever ideas like wall-mounted scent stick holders like this:

Wall-mounted incense burner Allied Brass Canada

This one is from our very popular Dottingham collection and is shown in an antique copper finish. Pretty nice, eh? These accessories come in 17 different standard finishes, too.

Dottingham is one of our largest collections, with more than 80 unique brass accessories that fall into just about every category we have, from toilet paper holders to floating glass shelves. 

We think this is a really great use of wall space. (We are assuming there's sufficient wall space between hockey posters and framed programmes signed by The Hip.)

Be sure to mount the scent stick holders high enough on a wall to stay out of reach of small children and leaping cats. 

And here are some other great features-

  • Includes removable safety glass container to hold incense/scent sticks
  • Metal container tops accommodate sticks in different sizes
  • Hardware is 100% brass which makes them particularly awesome
  • Includes mounting hardware (made from steel for extra strength) with legible instructions are included
  • Free shipping throughout The Great White North!

We've found that these stick holders hold about six standard thin sticks and one of the thicker, longer-burning types.

Find Our Wall-Mounted Scent Sticks in Six Collections!

In addition to Dottingham, you'll find our scent stick holders in these collections:

  • Montero
  • Prestige Skyline (seen below in an antique pewter finish)

Wall mounted scent stick Allied Brass Canada Prestige Skyline collection

  • Prestige Regal (as you can see, it's got a fancier design especially in this the polished chrome finish)

Wall mounted scent stick holder Allied Brass Canada Prestige Regal

  • Que New
  • Waverly Place
  • Montero

You can see them with other unique wall-mounted accessories. We're also very fond of the cute votive candleholders.

Near-Endless Supply of Incense!

There are so many incense choices out there! Trust us when we say that incense scents have changed - it's not the stuff you and your roommates burned back in Uni when your parents came to visit.

We even found a scent called Canadian Forest. And yes, it's made in Canada.

We're pretty sure the pandemic helped boost incense use. It's a popular cottage industry and offers benefits beyond freshening indoor air. Some people swear that burning a little incense every day reduces their anxiety. This is one reason why people burn it during meditation. 

Others say it helps them relax and fall asleep. We've also noticed that it helps clear sinuses much like peppermint oil. Just make sure you burn your incense safely!

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