Brass wire basket for bathrooms or kitchens

What do you think of when someone mentions brass?

It might be a colour in Moira Rose wigs. Or an instrument for those of you whose tastes are more symphonic than The Jazzy Girls.

And then there's the metal. Brass is an alloy, or combination of copper and zinc. The alloy process produces a harder product so it's stronger and more durable than copper. 

We created this FAQ on brass because well, we're crazy about brass. It's in our name. It's in our DNA!

1. Brass Has Antimicrobial Qualities

Copper and zinc are both celebrated for repelling germs. Since they're both in brass, this means brass shares these antimicrobial strengths. This makes it an excellent metal to use in bathrooms and kitchens. 

Browse through our site, and you'll notice a lot of accessories for kitchens, bathrooms, and powder rooms. We create high-touch products that resist germs, from toilet paper holders to soap dishes and dispensers to cabinet hardware and a lot more.

That's a wire basket above, with an antique copper finish. Many people use it in their bathrooms or kitchens to hold soap, shampoo/conditioner bottles, sponges, etc. 

2. Brass Works Well With Other Materials

We shouldn't play favourites, but we really are fond of our mixed-material collections - Clearview, Pacific BeachPacific Grove, and Carolina Crystal. These first three incorporate clear acrylic in the design and in details.  

Traditional two-post brass toilet paper holder Allied Brass


This is a traditional, two-post toilet paper holder with acrylic buttons on the ends from our Pacific Grove collection. It's retro and reminds us of Eugene Levy's glasses.

This collection also has a TP holder that fits in recessed walls, and a European-style, no-roller holder as well.


We mix acrylic and brass to design a more modern look, too. This double towel bar from the Clearview collection is a good example.

Brass and acrylic double towel bar from Allied Brass

It features a twisted ring design, one of four offered for it. Click on the image and you can preview different ring designs and 17 different finishes.

Our towel bars come in four lengths: 18", 24", 30", and 36". 

You'll also find these collections featured in our shower door hardware.

The Carolina Crystal collection features glass crystal button detailing on every piece. It adds a bit of bling, sometimes in unexpected places like this multi hook set.
Multi hook set with crystal glass inlay Allied Brass
The collection also offer a single robe hook, double hook, and five-hook sets.
For more examples of mixed materials, check out our shelves, which include brass and glass and brass and wood shelves
Here's a double glass shelf from our Dottingham collection.
Triple glass shelf Allied Brass
The brass parts are finished in a bright polished chrome. Thick safety glass make up the shelves, which include gallery rails to keep items in place. A towel bar is added underneath.
Can you see this in your bathroom?

3. A Famous Astronomer Had A Brass Nose

Tycho Brahe was a 16th century astronomer who identified the first supernova and developed telescopes. He wore a prosthetic brass nose after much of his original nose was damaged during a drunken sword fight with a cousin over a woman. We blame it on Lot 40.


4. Brass Is Moisture Resistant

Brass works really well in humid environments like Windsor. This is why we can confidently offer a warranty that our products won't rust with normal use. The same goes for our finishes - they won't peel or fade with everyday use. 

5. Allied Brass Has 36 Brass Collections

Thirty six of our 38 collections are constructed with brass: brass and glass, brass and wood, brass and acrylic. Many are brass the whole way through. (Hidden mounting hardware is constructed from steel for additional strength.)

Two other collections, Pipeline and Camo, are constructed from actual pipe. We'll talk about them in a later post.

All our products ship free throughout Canada. We hope you'll take some time to browse our site and discover the beauty of brass home accessories and decorative hardware.


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