Vanity Top Tumbler and Toothbrush Holder

Our website features 36 collections of decorative hardware! Most are made with brass, and many of the pieces incorporate other materials, primarily wood or glass for shelves. Three collections combine brass and acrylic, and one adds crystal glass detail.

Waverly Place wood shelf, unfinished bronze
Carolina Crystal brass hooks with glass crystal inlay

Two other collections, Pipeline and Camo, feature accessories made from actual pipe. 

With 38 collections of unique decorate hardware and home accessories, how do you know where to start?

Consider The Room You're Decorating

 We suggest starting with the room you've targeted for decorating, renovation, or re-decorating and consider these questions:

  • Do you need to match an existing style, or are you starting over with a fresh new look?
  • What exactly are you replacing? Is it an older piece of hardware, or something like a new tub, commode, basin or kitchen sink?

Now the fun begins!

Accessories In Our Large Collections Complement Different Styles

If you're updating a few pieces in the room like a new kitchen sink or a new shower or tub, our larger collections like Dottingham,  Waverly Place, and  Prestige Regal work well with a range of decor and tastes, from traditional to modern.

This wall-mounted Waverly Place guest towel bar that holds three hand towels or washcloths is a good example of a traditional look that complements just about any decor. Here it is in a satin nickel finish.

Guest towel bar Allied Brass Waverly Place collection

It's an attractive addition to a guest bathroom or powder room.

Our smaller collections fall more into a modern or traditional style. Many of them complement one another even as they offer different details. Accessories from the smaller Foxtrot collection complement the Fresno collection nicely. Both have sharp contemporary lines that our Remi collection gently contrast.

European style toilet paper holder Allied Brass

Here's a no-roller, European style toilet paper holder from the Remi collection with a brushed bronze finish. It's a terrific partner for a new commode.

The Right Finish Makes the Perfect Accessory

The finish you choose can make a huge difference in how an accessory complements or contrasts in a room. For example, an understated matte white or antique brass finish helps an accessory with a modern design like this robe from the Soho collection fit in any bathroom style.

Robe hook Allied Brass modern Soho collection

 An exciting finish (we do get excited when we talk about finishes) like brushed bronze or polished chrome stands out even among a ton of equally exciting decor and hardware. Take a look at this soap dish holder from our Retro Dot collection shown in a polished chrome finish:


Brass soap dish holder Allied Brass

Choose from 17 standard finishes from our brass collections and eight for our pipe-made accessories. We can also customize a color for a one-time fee. That means you'll "own" that color and can order accessories in it at no additional charge.

Both brass and pipe are very sturdy materials and will stand up to normal use for a lifetime. Our finishes are just as sturdy and won't rust, peel, or fade under everyday conditions.

Even better - you'll never pay for shipping to any address in Canada! Can't beat that deal, eh?

Brass finishesCarolina crystal collectionPipeline collectionSoho collectionWaverly place collection