Elegant single towel bar from Allied Brass

When it comes to towel bars, we offer a lot of styles to choose from. One style that can easily be overlooked is the single towel bar.

We blame ourselves. We do get excited over the variety we offer. However, it's high time we gave our elegant single towel bars the attention they deserve.

It All (Probably) Began With A Branch Towel Bar

towel hanging off tree branchHonestly, we have no idea who created the first towel bar, or when.

We can guess it was a tree branch  - a simple and elegant solution to dry out any fabric.  

Our ancestors in the brass accessory designer field  (a very nice family in New York City) started off with single towel bars. Later, they added an additional bar underneath to offer double towel bars. Here's an example from the Prestige Skyline collection:

single towel bar straight line

Double towel bar straight bars

Finish: Antique Brass

We love that they did it. What works for one will often work for two!

No matter what other benefits you get from a double towel bar, ladder bar, or even a towel ring, there's something that's so elegant about the idea of a single towel bar.

Here's an especially eye-catching one from our Carolina Crystal collection, which features glass crystal inlay details:

 Single towel bar with crystal glass detail

Finish: Satin Brass

There is a double version of this towel bar as well.

Our Carolina collection is identical to Carolina Crystal, but without the inlay. It's a perfect complement to traditional-looking decor. 

If you're interested in mixed materials, take a look at the towel bars in our brass and acrylic collections, Clearview, Pacific Beach, and Pacific Grove. Here's one from Pacific Grove:

towel bar with acrylic bar and brass hardware

Finish: Matte Gray

All three collections include single and double towel bar with acrylic bars and brass hardware. They also include ring designs, including the grooved design seen above.

All Allied Brass towel bars come in four sizes (lengths)" 18," 24", 30", and 36".

Double-Duty Functionality: Towel Bars With Hooks

Or as we like to say, "hook 'em, Dan-O."

We added hooks to several towel bars to get added functionality from them. And like our hook catalog, these hooks come in lots of styles as well.

Here's a traditional hook feature from our Sag Harbor collection:

Single towel bar with traditional hooks

Finish: Satin Chrome

Many of our towel bars have hooks that extend upward, like this one from our Dottingham collection:

Allied Brass Dottingham towel bar with hooks

Finish: Antique Copper

Looking for a towel bar that's really different? Here's a single towel bar from our Pipeline collection:

 Pipeline towel bar with hooks

Finish: Polished Chrome

To see all our towel bars with hooks, simply type "towel bar hooks" into the Search box on our website. 

Lots of Finish Options, or Customize a Color

Research the decorative hardware market, and you'll find that most offer a half-dozen finishes.

We go much further - we offer 17 standard finishes for our brass products.  We really don't know anyone who offers this many standard finishes.

Pipeline, which features products made from pipe, come in 8 finishes. We also offer a green camouflage finish in our Camo collection, which offers this towel bar:

towel bar with camouflage finishA double Camo towel bar is also available.

We custom color your accessories for a one-time fee that lets you order in that color over and over again without additional charge.

Questions? Contact us today!

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