Allied Brass Brass Baskets for Bathrooms

As we've discussed, brass is an excellent choice for bathroom accessories. It's resistant to bacteria and rust found in damp places like bathrooms. Many of our accessories are created specifically for bathrooms. All of them are finished with coatings that won't peel, rust, or fade. 

And of course, we create original designs for brass accessories that add extra flair and usefulness to your brass decor.

Useful Basket Cases, Made With Brass

Sometimes a basket case is a good thing. For example, Green Day's Basket Case is a very good thing even if the video is a little creepy.

Our brass shower baskets are another story. Made with sturdy brass wires and brass bands, they are designed to mount to a wall to secure your bathing and shower accessories. Even better, the design promotes draining and drying without leaving soapy residue.

Here's one of our larger shower baskets. You'll notice it has two levels. Use the dividers to keep a bar of soap in place and bottles and tubes upright. There's plenty of space as well for razors, face cloths, sponges, etc.

Large brass and wire soap basket

Finish: Polished Chrome

This oval basket is 18.75" long and reaches down. 2.25". Below is a shorter version measureing 11" long. 

Combination brass and wire shower basket

Finish: Brushed Bronze

It retains the two-level design with divider. 

Are looking only for a basket to keep soap bars in place? Our smaller rectangular and oval baskets keep soap bars from slipping away.

Brass Wire Baskets Fit in Corners

One thing customers have told us over the years is that they love our designs that fit in corners. Because bathrooms are often in tight spaces, we designed several brass baskets to fit in corners like this one:

Corner brass toiletry basket

Finish: Polished Brass

This triangular piece has gently rounded corners with side measures of 9.8" - enough to hold soap and more - and drops 3". 

This corner basket fits along corners and walls:

Corner Fit Shower Basket Allied Brass Canada

Finish: Matte Gray

One side is a bit longer than the other and measures 8.7X7.3".

Double-Decker Shower Baskets Hold Even More

For people who share a bathroom, or who just have a lot to do in the shower, we offer two-tiered wire shower baskets. 

 Double tier rectangular basket

Finish: Antique Brass

You'll need a bit more space for this rectangular shower basket. It measures a full 12" high and is 10.5" wideAnd finally, you can really make the most of corner space with our two-tiered corner shower basket!     

Two tiered brass corner basket for shower

Finish: Satin Nickel

It's not quite as high as the rectangular basket and measures 9.75" high. Still, it holds a lot of what you need for your bath and shower. 

You know winter and dry skin are coming soon. Go ahead and stock up on bath and beauty supplies - now you can fit them all in one place!

17 Standard Finish Shades to Consider

We've shown six of our finishes. There are 11 more to check out!

Just click on any photo above and you'll be taken to that product's web page where you can preview all 17 finishes, get a close-up view, and even check out specs and installation documents.

Do you have a specific color in mind? We can custom-color any of our products without sacrificing quality - custom colors are just as tough as our standard finishes. There is a small one-time fee that you'll never pay again when you order that color in the future. 

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