Brass and glass shelf with crystal inlay

We manufacture and sell a lot of brass and glass shelves (as well as brass and wood shelves. We want to assure everyone looking at our website that we only use treated safety glass for our shelves.

Safety glass is the industry standard, and one we take very seriously. 

What Is Safety Glass for Shelves?

There are two types of safety glass: tempered and laminated. We use tempered glass for our shelves.

Tempered glass comes in a range of thicknesses that are four to five times stronger than untreated glass with the same thickness. If it were to break - say, a ceiling or light fixture fell in or something extreme like that - it will break into small pieces easy to sweep up instead of large, dangerous shards.

Laminated glass is layered with vinyl and typically used in windshields and windows. It adds UV protection against sun damage as well. 

Safety Glass is as Attractive as Untreated Glass 

Don't think "safety goggles" when you think of safety glass. That's because safety glass is as attractive as untreated glass - just a lot stronger.

Take a look at our glass and brass shelves and you'll see what we mean. In addition to our very pretty floating glass shelves, you'll see double and triple shelves.

Click on any image to see size, finish, and detail options. Unless noted, shelves are 5" in width.

Here's a double shelf from our Astor Place collection with optional towel bar underneath.

Double glass shelf with towel bar

Finish: Brushed Bronze, available 16" and 22"

This attractive glass shelf with a curved design comes from our Venus collection. Note the twist accents in the hardware.

Glass and brass shelf curve design twist accents

Finish: Polished Chrome, 18" and 24"

Glass Shelves With Designer Inlay Features

Our Clearview and Carolina Crystal collections are designed with acrylic and crystal glass inlay:

Glass and brass shelf with acrylic inlay, towel bar, and gallery rail

Finish: Satin Brass, 16" and 22"

Triple glass shelf Allied Brass

Finish: Antique Pewter, 16" and 22"

Shelves That Fit In Corners

"That's me in the corner."

We've maintained for some time that corners are overlooked and underused. Let's put them in the spotlight.  (Apologies to R.E.M.)

Our two and three-tiered corner glass shelves maximize these spaces and create valuable bathroom "real estate." 

This double corner glass shelf from our South Beach collection is also available as a three-tiered shelf.

Double tier glass corner shelf

Finish: Matte White, 8X8X8

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