Two roll TP holder with wood shelf

Toilet paper holders are a non-negotiable bathroom accessory.

Naturally, we offer a variety of ways to dispense toilet tissue:

  • There's the traditional two-post, single-roll TP holder including holders that fit in wall recesses
  • Roller-free, European style TP holders
  • Upright TP holders
  • Reserve TP Holders
  • TP holders with shelves

We'll highly a few of these styles, all created with designer looks and made from solid, corrosion-resistant brass or pipe. Click on any image to see other finish options and zoom-in views.

All Our Collections Include Toilet Paper Holders

We'll start off by telling you that all 38 of our collections include toilet paper holders.

Whether you want a a traditional look offered by our Astor Place or Carolina collections, or a modern look seen in our Montero collection, there's a TP holder for you. 

Maybe you like a little flash? Our Carolina Crystal collection includes crystal glass inlay in every piece.

From our website, click on any collection to open it. Then click on the filter setting on the left-side menu. Check off the accessory category you want to view.

Allied Brass accessory categories

Our larger collections like Pipeline have the most accessory categories. 

Got Your Own Bathroom? Lots of Choice for Single-Roll TP Holders!

If you're lucky enough to have your own bathroom, a single-roll TP dispenser could be enough for you. 

We've updated the traditional two-post roll holder with designer styles that are as sturdy as they are attractive. Here's an example from our Pacific Grove collection, which includes acrylic inlay with each piece:

Two post TP holder brass and acrylic

Finish: Venetian Bronze

This style is also available recessed to fit inside a wall. 

These roll holders include sturdy springs that won't bend and fly across the room when you change out rolls.

Our other wall-mounted TP roll options include upright TP holders like this one from our Pipeline collection:

Upright pipe-constructed toilet paper holder

Finish: Brushed Bronze

Below is a European-style TP holder from our Monte Carlo collection. Note the etched design on the mounting plate, a signature feature for this collection.

European style brass toilet tissue holder

Finish: Polished Nickel

You can even put a shelf over many of our toilet tissue holders. Here's one from with a thick safety glass shelf from the Astor Place collection:

Wall mounted TP holder with glass shelf

Finish: Satin Chrome

We also offer hardwood shelves to go over two-post toilet tissue holders. 

Need More Than One Roll? The Solution is a Reserve Holder.

We have more than 50 reserve toilet paper holders that include up to two reserve rolls.

Here's a great idea from our large Dottingham collection - a three-roll holder with an optional hardwood shelf over it.

Three-roll toilet paper holder with wood shelf

Finish: Antique Brass


The 3-roll holder is perfect for washrooms. The shelves (also available in glass) let people safely store a phone, purse, keys, or other items that can fall on the floor or in the commode itself! Three rolls need a lot less changing than one or two rolls.

For high-use washrooms, consider one of our five-roll holders

For shared home bathrooms, powder rooms, and guest baths, we offer upright toilet paper holders like this one from our Carolina Crystal collection, which holds two rolls:

Finish: Satin Brass

Note the two crystal inlay pieces in the accessory.

Two-roll horizontal holders provide another alternative to running out of TP. Here's one from our Waverly Place collection:

Double roll horizontal brass toilet tissue holder

 Finish: Antique Copper

The days of one or two options for toilet tissue holders are far behind us! We hope we've inspired you to take a look at this most essential bathroom accessory and consider updating yours.

Questions? Give us a holler today! 

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