Allied Brass Pipeline Collection Wall Mounted 6 Coffee Mug Rack

The pipes are calling!

Pipeline and its cousin Camo feature our toughest-looking decorative hardware. Constructed from actual pipe, both are perfect for rustic cottages up north and  industrial decor. 

Click on any of the photos below to see finish options and close-up views.

Pipeline: Our Pipe Dream for Decorative Hardware

Our first factory was in New York's Flatiron District long before it turned into West Vancouver. The older buildings there had exposed brick and pipe; at the time, such decor was deemed suitable only for working class families. We liked the look long before it became chic.

Once the style began emerging in retro decor, we sprang into action and started buying and experimenting with designing pipe. Pipeline's earliest accessories included basic bathroom hardware like this wall-mounted toothbrush holder:

Wall mounted toothbrush holder made with pipeFinish: Antique Bronze

We also introduced a vanity-top version:

Vanity top  toothbrush holder Pipeline collection Allied Brass Canada

Finish: Polished Chrome

We moved on to create towel bars and toilet tissue holders. This towel bar includes hooks at either end.

Pipe-constructed towel bar with hooks

Finish: Brushed Bronze

This towel bar is available in four sizes: 18", 24", 30", and 36".

Be sure to check out the full collection on our website to see more Pipeline towel bars, including another single towel bar, a double bar, and a ladder-style towel bar.  There, you can preview different finishes and sizes, and zoom in on details.

The Pipeline collection is one of our largest and includes a huge assortment of glass and wood shelves, toilet tissue holders, paper towel holders, coffee mug holders, and more.

The Camo Collection - Not Just For the Army 

Our other pipe-made accessories are found in our Camo Collection.

We got a bit of ribbing when we introduced this collection - we heard "I can't find it!" a lot.

But it's been a popular choice. Many customers buy it for cabins and retreats, while others love how it surprised people to see it in their kitchens and bathrooms.

In our opinion, camo underscores usefulness and readiness. For example, why not have a double toilet paper roll in a guest bathroom, even if it's in a West Vancouver home?

Double roll Camo toilet tissue holder

And wouldn't you want a sturdy, pipe-constructed accessory to hold your coffee mugs?

Six mug holder Camo finish

Be sure to check out the under-the-counter and wall-mounted Camo and Pipeline mug holders as well.

Pipe is Popular for Shelf Construction

You'll find a lot of shelves in our Camo and Pipeline collections. 

Here's a double glass shelf with a towel bar from the Camo Collection:

Camo finished double glass pipe shelf with towel bar

Talk about multi-use! The shelves are 3/4" beveled tempered glass. The shelf comes in two sizes: 16" and 22". Camo also has wood shelves. Shelves are available in triple a single and single as well, with towel bar options.

Here's a Pipeline triple wood shelf:

 Pipe and ironwood triple shelf

Finish: Matte Gray

The hardwood is Ipe ironwood, an exceptionally strong wood used for boardwalks and decks.

While we were creating shelves, it occurred to us that a little shelf over toilet tissues rolls would come in so handy - for mobile phones, wallets, purses, keys, and other items that seem to fall into commodes.

Our pipe collections were natural fits. We came up with these beauties:

Camo TP holder with wood shelf

This is a traditional two-post roll holder. The detachable roller is a tough one - there will be no springs flying across the bathroom!

We also created a European, roller-less option with shelf in the Pipeline Collection:

 Pipe constructed European style toilet paper holder with wood shelf

Finish: Polished Chrome

Like our brass products, our pipe-made accessories are coated with finishes that resist corrosion and peeling. Wall-mounted accessories come with matching hardware made from steel for extra strength. All products are protected with a limited lifetime warranty.

Best of all, everything ships free throughout Canada! 

Take a look at our Camo and Pipeline collections and see how pipe can add an unexpected and delightful touch to your decor!

Camo collectionPipeline collection