Floating glass and brass shelf Dottingham collection from Allied Brass

Our brass and glass floating shelves are probably the prettiest accessories in our catalog. 

Floating shelves are shelves that don't appear to have hardware bolting them to a wall. They do, of course - they're just well-hidden, giving the appearance of "floating" in places.

We added floating shelves to several collections where they add additional elegance and style. 

Unique Glass and Brass Shelf Design

We designed these shelves primarily for bathrooms and powder rooms to offer another option for single-tiered shelves.

Sturdy brass arms secure the glass shelf to a wall with no apparent mounting hardware. It's there, of course - just well-hidden from view. 

30 inch floating brass and glass shelf with gallery rails satin brass finish

Take a look at this floating glass shelf from our Waverly Place collection with a soft satin brass finish, of of 17 standard finishes we offer. It's 30" long, with a gallery rail to hold shelf contents in place. It also comes in 24" and 18" lengths to fit smaller wall spaces. It's also available without the rail.

Look under the thick 3/8" tempered glass and you'll see two small, unobtrusive round supports at the back edge of the glass. This provides additional support.

The mounting plates feature Waverly Place's signature concentric circles.

All our floating shelves feature another design element in common: pleasing rounded filial details. They fit so well on the minimalist Prestige Skyline collection's floating shelf:


 Finish: Polished Chrome

Tempered Safety Glass for Maximum Strength and Safety

As we noted above, we use thick tempered glass for these shelves. 

Tempered glass is super-heated a second time in such a way (620C, or 1,148F!) that the cooling process starts with the outer surfaces, forcing the center to retract from the cooled area and become more rigid. The outer areas then compress, resulting in additional strength - a lot of it!

The result is:

  • Tempered glass is about four times stronger than untreated glass
  • Tempered glass is five times more resistant to impact with something like a hammer
  • Tempered glass will "spiderweb" and not break into shards

If you're interested, here's more about the glass tempering process.

Remember Our Prestige Lines for Floating Glass Shelves

In addition to Prestige Skyline, our other Prestige lines feature floating glass shelves well. Here's the  Prestige Monte Carlo floating shelf, with intricate designs on the mounting plates.

Glass and brass floating shelf Allied Brass Canada

Finish: Brushed Bronze

You'll find floating glass shelves in these additional Allied Brass collections:

To see all our floating shelves, just enter "float" in the Seach box at the top of every page on our website.

Remember, all our floating glass and brass shelves come in three sizes, 17 finishes, with optional gallery rails. Shipping is free, too. 

Contact us with your ideas for custom shelves, including custom floating shelves. We'd love to hear from you!

Read more about why brass and glass make such great companions! 

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