vanity top brass designer toothbrush holder

Toothbrush holders don't get a lot of respect until they've gone missing. After all, who wants to risk leaving their personal mouth cleaner on the side of the basin where any kind of germs can easily splash its delicate bristles?

Maybe we're channeling a little too much Moira here. But stay with us. We're going to talk about why you need a good-looking holder to hang your toothbrush.

Designer Toothbrush Holders With Style Rule the Bathroom

Toothbrushes and toothbrush holders distinguish personal and guest bathrooms from mere washrooms and powder rooms. And a really well-crafted one can rule the bathroom!

Here's a very elegant example from our Carolina Crystal collection that holds a toothbrush and a tumbler. What really catches the eye is that crystal glass inlay featured in this designer accessory line. 

toothbrush tumbler holder with crystal glass inlay

Finish: Satin Nickel

Imagine your bathroom accessorized with a matching soap dish or towel ring - it would positively gleam! 

And since it's made with brass, it won't rust - brass cannot rust. No iron, no rust!

We're pretty sure this claw-like holder for toothbrushes and a tumbler from our Retro Wave collection would sell well at Rose Apothecary:

Minimalist brass tumbler and toothbrush holder claw

Finish: Brushed Bronze

We're sure Johnny and Stevie would be a-OK with this streamlined toothbrush holder, especially since it has space for a tumbler:

Brass tumbler toothbrush holder

Finish: Venetian Bronze

It's from our Tribecca collection and certainly worthy of  the award-winning Rosebud Motel.

True story: Canadian-born NBA player Jamal Murray once lived at the motel.

Designer Vanity Top Tumbler Toothbrush Holders - No Installation Needed!

We understand that some people can't, or won't, put holes in their bathroom walls. Landlords sometimes don't permit this. Or maybe your drill headed south with that snowbird neighbor who borrowed it.

For these situations, we offer vanity top tumbler/toothbrush holders. They're just as attractive as our wall-mounted models, and have weighted bases so they won't tip over.

This one is from our Pipeline collection:

Pipe made toothbrush holder

Finish: Matte Gray

Give your toothbrushes the respect they deserve. Make sure they're safely stowed in a stylish Allied Brass toothbrush holder even Alexis would notice!


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