Allied Brass towel bar

We think about towel holders a lot - so much that we don't even mention towel bars unless we're specifically talking about them. Towel bars include wall-mounted single and double bars, vertical bars that swing from a wall, vanity top guest towels, and floor stand towel bars.

You can also put towels on towel rings, towel shelves, and on guest towel trays.

Our towel holders are attractive, sturdy pieces and come in several styles to complement or contrast with other decor.

Lots of Towel Bar Styles to Consider

We'll start with towel bars

Click on the link above, and you'll see well over 125 unique types of towel bars. Towel bars are featured in all of our 38 collections, so it's easy to find one that fits in your decor or update plans.

Most of our towel bars are available with single or double bars. Many collections like our Astor Place line, feature both:

Astor Place Collection brass towel bar

Click on the photo above to see a 365 view and preview 16 other finishes.

Here's the double-bar version:

Brass double towel bar Allied Brass Canada

A number of our towel bars have hooks as well where you can hang a face cloth or other smaller items. We use ours to hold headbands.

Our towel bars come in several sizes depending on the collection. Each page will let you preview different finishes and lists size options.

Do you share a bathroom and have lots of towels to organize? A ladder bar like this one from our Pacific Beach collection and made with brass and acrylic, might be the perfect solution.

To see more of this style, just type "ladder" in the Search box at the top of any page on our website.

Towel Shelves Stack and Hang Towels

Our towel shelves provide both shelf space for folded towels and a towel bar. Some also have hooks as well. Like towel ladders, they're good choices for shared bathrooms/

We have several distinct styles for towel shelves. Several are made with pipe, part of our Pipeline and Camo collections.

Forget Installing - Get a Floor Towel Stand!

Maybe you want to leave your bathroom walls alone. If this is the case, consider a freestanding towel valet, which brings a few unique advantages:

  • Portability
  • Adjustable heights
  • Hold multiple towels
  • Choice of arm and ring styles, including pivoting motion

Like we did with towel shelves, we created a variety of styles for our floor towel stands. Here are  a couple of them:

Four arm floor stand towel valet

Freestanding towel valet

Take a look at all our floor stand towels.

Put a Towel Ring in the Powder Room

In our opinion, towel rings are perfect for powder rooms. No one's bathing in there, so there's no need for a full-size towel bar, right? 

When is a towel ring not a ring? When it has a squarish shape like this one from our Washington Square collection:

Brass towel ring Allied Brass

We have 38 types of towel rings to choose from, including one with a ring made from braided stainless steel with a camouflage finish. Check it out here!

Guest towel holders are another choice for powder rooms. They're also popular in kitchens.

Our guest towel holders include vanity top holders and guest towel trays that sit on a vanity or mount to a wall. Our vanity towel holders come with straight arms or rings to fit your style. Many customers put them in kitchens to hold or display tea towels.

We love our guest towel trays. Made with brass and thick safety glass, they bring elegance to powder rooms, guest bathrooms, and office washrooms. This one is from our Monte Carlo collection - note the etchings on the mounting plate, the signature feature in this line.

 Wall-mounted glass and brass guest towel trays

Use the drop-down menu in the Search box to see all our guest towel holder options, including trays.

All our brass products come in 17 standard finishes that won't fade, peel, or rust. Products made from pipe come in nine finishes, including camo. 

We hope this rundown on towel holders helps you find the perfect solutions for your home. 

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