Allied Brass Canada garment rod matte white brass finish with hardwood

What's the hottest accessory for today's home? Garment rods, also called Valet Rods for the Downton crowd.

Garment rods are great accessories for closets and laundry spaces. As more of us prepare for a return to the office, valet rods can be used to freshen and re-visit business fashion not seen in a year or more.

Four Great Reasons To Buy A Garment Rod - or Two

We actually have a longer list but we'll start with the four most obvious reason to buy and install an Allied Brass garment or valet rod.

  1. Garment rods work in many places in addition to laundry rooms and closets. Foyers, bathrooms, and changing areas for uniformed employees are a few more spaces where they can keep clothes safely off the floor and wrinkle-free.
  2. Our garment rods weigh just two pounds, making them easy to install.
  3. And yet, their brass and hardwood construction lets them hold up to 20 pounds! 
  4. They ship free throughout Canada.

Here's a garment rod from our Fresno collection. The brass arm is finished in Venetian bronze, one of 17 finishes.

Wood and brass garment rod

All our garment rods extend 10" and are retractable.

Do you plan to continue to work from home? You know, winter will come in a few months. What easier way to air out parkas and knit jumpers?

Garment Rods are Essential Home Accessories for Working People

We really do think garment rods are essential for people who work outside the home.

First, it's expensive to dry clean business clothing especially when actual laundering isn't needed (yet). Tools like clothes steamers help take out wrinkles from sitting around all day at a desk and they're a lot easier to use than ironing.

Valet rods go hand-in-hand with garment steaming. Canadian Tire, which has a lot more than car parts, has an extended guide to steamers.

Or, install your valet rod in a bathroom and let the steam from the shower do the job.

Second, the strength of our garment rods means they can hold up wet clothing you don't want to put in the dryer. Sure, you can lay damp clothing flat to dry, but what if space is tight? Garment rods save space.

 Clearview brass and hardwood garment rod

Third, valet rods fit the bill when you you need to hang wet outerwear. 

You know it's gonna rain, sleet, and snow. Put up a garment rod at your home's entryway so it can drip-dry without getting other clothes wet. A nice doormat underneath will catch the drops.

Our Valet Rods Are Pretty!

With 17 finishes ranging from matte colors to satin metallic and bright brass and chrome, we can safely say that we'll provide a beauty of a valet rod.

Here's one from our Carolina Crystal collection featuring a crystal glass inlay at the end of the arm:

Brass and wood garment rod with crystal inlayThe finished is an elegant brushed bronze.

Garment rods help you take better care of your clothing. Check out our line of sturdy and attractive garment rods today!

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