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Like any manufacturer, we have a handful of larger collections that cover more of the decorative hardware lineup. Today we will introduce our Big Kahunas of Decorative Hardware. 

  • Dottingham 
  • Prestige Regal 
  • Prestige Skyline 
  • Waverly Place 

Each of these collections include more than 70 unique pieces that span just about every category, from shelves to toilet paper holders to multi hooks. With this variety, it's easy to coordinate decorative hardware throughout the home or office.

The accessories in these collections are made from brass, some with wood or glass shelves. Brass is strong, resistant to  moisture, and even kills many germs on contact.

Click on any of the images below to go to the product page, where you can preview different finishes and even different sizes for certain accessories like towel bars and shelves.

Dottingham, Featuring Dotted Decorative Bases

It shouldn't be surprising to read that our Dottingham collection features dots in the form of concentric dotted circles. You'll find them on the bases that anchor each piece to a wall or stabilize countertop accessories like this soap dispenser with a brushed bronze finish:

Dottingham soap dispenser from Allied Brass

Those concentric circles really pop out on two-post accessories like this towel bar with integrated hooks, shown here in a   shiny polished chrome finish:

Dottingham collection towel bar with hooks Allied Brass Canada

Like all Allied Brass towel bars, this one comes in four length choices: 

  • 18"
  • 24"
  • 30"
  • 36"

Shelves are a huge part of the Dottingham collection. Dottingham shelves include brass and hardwood and brass with thick safety glass. Here's a glass floating shelf with a gallery rail, shown in a matte white finish:

Dottingham floating shelf matte white finish

This particular shelf comes in three sizes: 18", 24", and 30". 

Visit the full Dottingham collection to see other accessories including wall mirrors, toilet paper holders, soap dishes, guest towel bars, and lots more. You can select different product categories on the left-side menu.

Prestige Regal and Prestige Skyline: Grooved Versus Smooth Decor Touches

Our Prestige Regal and Prestige Skyline collections are cousins who have a couple of distinctive features:

  • Prestige Regal bases feature concentric grooved circles. Some accessories, like the three-arm guest towel below, feature elegant, slightly elongated finials. 
3 arm guest towel Prestige Regal
This is an unlacquered finish that can be aged to a desired patina and later buffed to its original shine.
  • Prestige Skyline bases are smooth. Finials in certain products in this collection sport a chunky modern look like in this counterpart guest towel holder shown in an antique brass finish:
Prestige Skyline collection 3 arm guest towel

 Both collections feature two-arm guest towels as well.

You'll also find a variety of frameless wall mirrors in both collections that include rail-mounted and tilt styles. Shapes include arched, oval, round, rectangular, and landscaped.

Here is an round mirror mounted on rails from the Prestige Skyline collection. The finish is matte grey: 

Rail mounted oval mirror Allied Brass Canada

Tilt mirrors show less hardware and are excellent choices when you want more perspective from a mirror. Here's an arched tilted mirror from Prestige Regal. The finish on the ball and backplate is antique pewter.

Frameless arched top tilt mirror Allied Brass Canada

The tilt feature is also useful when people of different heights share a mirror, making them particularly useful in shared bathrooms and in powder rooms. We've even heard from customers who install them in employee washrooms for this reason.

Both collections also include toilet paper holders, include multi-roll holders and holders with glass or wood shelves; paper towel holders; towel bars, including ladder bars; and lots of glass and wood shelves.

 Waverly Place: Elegant Spiral Touches

Our Waverly Place collection features spirals - a logical step further from concentric grooves - etched into each base, as well as elongated finials in certain pieces like this hair dryer organizer shown a satin nickel finish:

Hair Dryer organizer Allied Brass Canada

We really like this piece because it's another safety feature. This organizer is perfect to store hair dryers, even when hot. The loop holds a tumbler, and the towel arm swivels to where you need it.

Buttons and discs are other features you'll find in Waverly Place accessories. We love how the buttons pop out on this double roll toilet tissue holder shown in an suave polished nickel finish:

Double roll brass toilet tissue holder Allied Brass Canada

Decorative discs underscore the strength of this brass and wood shelf with towel bar:

brass and wood shelf with towel bar Allied Brass Canada

The brass has an antique copper finish that complements the wood so well!

Take a look at a similar shelf with bubble touches. Both shelves come in two lengths: 16" and 22".

Other Waverly Place standouts include wall-mounted glass guest towel trays like this one with a bright polished brass finish:

Glass guest towel tray Allied Brass Canada

Be sure to also see the many shelves and towel bars in the Waverly Place collection, including glass vanity shelves.

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