Allied Brass Reeded Grab Bar Waverly Place Collection

Your bathroom should be your safe place, right? It's where you take a relaxing bath or shower, prepare yourself to look your best for a night out, and of course use the throne.

Installing sturdy safety grab bars help ensure your safe place is really, truly safe. Our grab bars are strong enough to support up to 250 pounds. (That's 113 kg for those who memorized the metric system.)

Who Says a Grab Bar Can't Be a Beauty?

We specialize in strong decorative hardware and design our accessories to complement different designer styles. This includes safety items like grab bars for showers and tubs as well as by commodes.

All our accessories are from original in-house designs. Here's our take on a traditional grab bar, reeded to provide extra grip:

Reeded grab bar satin nickel finishThe finish here is satin nickel, lending an elegant modern air to it.

If your style leans modern, you might prefer this chunky design shown in a brushed bronze finish:

Modern brass grab bar Allied Brass Canada

Or if you're the type with some Molson muscle, the Camo-finish bar made from real pipe could be right for you!Pipe made grab bar camouflage finishOur safety grab bars come in four sizes - 16", 24", 32", and 36". They can be installed horizontally, vertically, or at angles. We include steel mounting hardware to maximize anchoring.

A Grab Bar For Every Tub or Shower

We strongly believe every tub or shower should have a safety grab bar.

It isn't just seniors who are at risk for falling in showers and tubs. These accidents happen to people of all ages. You're more likely to fall when you're sick and fatigued, or just fatigued. Medications can cause dizziness. 

Poor vision is another factor. A steamy shower doesn't make it easy to find the way out.

Safety bars are great in homes with little kids. They can grab the bottom of a horizontal bar to steady themselves in the shower or tub. Put this one in the kiddy loo:

Pipeline grab bar white finish

The matte white finish looks just like homo milk! It's one of eight Pipeline Collection finishes.

Take a look at all our grab bars. The ones made with brass come in 17 different finishes to choose from. We can also custom color our accessories for a modest, one-time fee, meaning you won't pay for that color again on future orders.

Towel Bars ≠ Grab Bars 

Don't be tempted to substitute a towel bar for a grab bar. They are not the same.

Our towel bars are pretty sturdy but are not manufactured to meet accessibility standards like our grab bars. 

You can get matching towel bars and grab bars in these Allied Brass Canada collections:

Remember, shipping is free throughout Canada. Order a grab bar or two today!



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