Brass wall mounted soap dish Allied Brass Canada

Soap has become the health and wellness accessory of our times. So what's holding yours? If you have to think for an answer, then it's time to get decorative hardware for soap.

Choose From Dozens of Designer Soap Dishes and Soap Dispenser Pumps

Our decorative hardware includes a lot of designer options to hold liquid or bar soap, including wall-mounted and vanity top styles. 

Plus we offer 17 standard finishes for our brass soap hardware. How about that, eh? (Accessories in our Pipeline collection come in eight finishes.)

Sturdy Soap Dishes For Any Decor

A lot of soap dishes we see out there are rather unattractive. It's like bar soap doesn't deserve to sit pretty by the sink? Who believes that?

Our soap dishes are attractive and very sturdy. Our collections offer diverse styles for different tastes, rounded withglass soap dishes and in rectangular box styles.

This one, from our Satellite Orbit Two collection, is shown here in an antique brass finish. Its deep rectangular dish works well in casual spaces like an office washroom or the kids' bathroom:

Brass wall-mounted slapdash antique brass finish

Click on any of the images here to preview different finishes.

Pipeline is also good for more casual washrooms. This vanity top soap dish is finished in brushed bronze:

Vanity top  soap dish Allied Brass Canada

Check out the collection's wall-mounted soap dish, too.

If you're looking for a more discerning style, consider our Carolina Crystal collection. A soap dish holder from this series features its glass crystal inlay detail. The finish shown below is satin nickel:

Allied Brass Canada soap dish with crystal inlay

A soap dish from the Prestige Monte Carlo collection is a lovely addition to sophisticated washrooms you see in high-end restaurants and clubs, and add elegance to bathrooms and powder rooms. This one is shown in a bright polished brass finish:

Polished brass wall-mounted soap dish Note the etched leaf motif on the mounting plate, a distinguishing feature for this collection.                                                        

 Mounting hardware and instructions are included with every order. 

Pump-Style Dispensers For Soap, Lotion, or Sanitizer

Many people prefer liquid, lotion, or foam soap for hand washing. For those folks, we offer attractive pump dispensers that come with thick glass bottles to hold soap as well as hand lotion or sanitizer.

This dispenser is from our Prestige Regal collection, shown in a dusky Venetian bronze finish:

Wall mounted brass soap dispenser

A soap dispenser from our popular Dottingham collection features the dotted concentric circles on the mounting plate. This one is shown in a shiny satin chrome finish:

Wall mounted brass lotion and soap dispenser We have a limited supply of brass vanity top dispensers. 

Bar Soap or Liquid?

We've studied the question of which soap is better - liquid or bar? For most people, the answer comes down to personal preferences. Liquid and bar soap are pretty much equally effective in washing away germs and viruses.

Most people do tend to wash a little bit longer with bar soap since there's more "effort" to build up a lather. Experts recommend washing hands for at least 20 seconds to destroy the COVID-19 virus. Liquid soap rinses more quickly and may inadvertently reduce the time needed to thoroughly wash.

Liquid soap dispensers are preferred in more high-volume washrooms for obvious reasons: it's less messy and unlike a bar of soap, it won't slip and land on the floor. Also, people with compromised immune systems should use liquid soap and avoid shared bar soap.

Finally, soap does the job with any water temperature - there's no need to burn your hands in hot water!


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