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Retro decor recalls designs from recent decades. People who embrace a retro look understand that it's not nostalgic as much as an appreciation for designs from a relatively recent period - perhaps their own childhood.

If you admire a certain retro style, you'll be glad to know that Allied Brass includes a few collections that stress retro design in hardware for bathrooms, powder rooms, and washrooms.

Our Retro Hardware Collections Feature Grooves and Dotted Patterns

Retro reflects popular designs from the 1950s - 1980s. Fashion in these eras embraced grooves, dots, and waves that soon entered home decor as well.

Retro Dot and Retro Wave are two of our collections that embrace the standards found in retro designs. Retro Dot features circular dotted patterns on mounting plates while Retro Wave has circular grooves. Both include wavy designs emphasized in towel bars like this one from Retro Dot:

Retro Dot Collection. Finish: Antique Pewter

The Retro Wave Collection has a corresponding double towel bar. Towel bars in both collections come in four sizes: 18", 24", 30", and 36".

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Towel rings are one of our best-selling items. This Retro Wave towel ring has one of our favorite finishes - a silky brushed bronze.

Regular readers might remember our post about robe hooks that appeared shortly after a blizzard. We were remiss to not include a Retro Dot or Retro Wave robe hook! Here they are, in gorgeous finishes that really bring out the collections' details.

Retro Dot Collection. Finish: Venetian Bronze

Retro Wave Collection. Finish: Satin Nickel

A Few Intriguing Retro Designs

Our designers did go a little further out than usual for our Retro Dot and Retro Wave Collections.

We once asked people on our Facebook page to identify this item:

Retro Dot Collection. Finish: Antique Copper

Some people figured out it's a toothbrush holder. But it also holds a tumbler. Here's the Retro Wave version. (We include a thick glass tumbler with each order of these tumbler/toothbrush holders.) 

We have a large inventory of glass shelves in single, double, and triple tiers. Most of shelves have straight beveled edges. But for our Retro collections, the shelves flare out, seen in this Retro Wave double shelf with a towel bar.

These shelves come in two sizes: 18" and 24." Take a look at other Retro Wave shelves and Retro Dot shelves.

Pipeline's Steampunk is Retro-Industrial

Our Steampunk-influenced Pipeline Collection gets the most orders. Part of it is because it's a pretty large collection- more than 50 products - but we suspect its retro look is a big factor as well. 

Steampunk, of course, is retro-industrial with a touch of Victorian/Old West flavor as well. Here's our post on Pipeline and Steampunk.

Here's where steampunk meets elegance - in a Pipeline triple glass shelf.

Pipeline Brass Triple Glass Shelf

 Finish: Polished Chrome

Pipeline glass shelves come in two sizes: 16" and 22".

Is It Retro or Antique?

We can understand that the difference between retro and and antique can seem blurry.

For many people, retro recalls a warm feeling for the past. It's not exactly nostalgia as much as an appreciation for the finer details of a certain period.

Here's House Digest's take on Retro decor. 

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