Allied Brass - Put That Bathrobe on a Proper Robe Hook!

After last week's snowstorm and road debacle down here in Virginia, all we wanted to do was curl up in our favorite bathrobe and turn on Netflix.

Of course, our bathrobes were ready and waiting on an Allied Brass designer robe hook.

This is actually a double robe hook. It's part of our Southbeach collection and shown here in a striking brushed bronze finish.

Winter Is Bathrobe Season

Winter is, of course, prime bathrobe season. Bathrobes are the most comfortable and comforting clothing you'll ever wear. They're perfect to put on for cold days when you send the kids out to shovel while you keep warm inside.

One thing all bathrobes have in common is that little loop to hang over a hook. Whether you're wearing a robe from Versace or a V-Sabre fleece robe featuring the University of Virginia's crossed swords, it's there. Be sure to use it!

Venus Collection brass hook with grooved ring design. Finish: Polished Chrome.

Our robe hooks come in styles that match your robe. If you actually have a Versace robe, or some other designer robe, check out our Carolina Crystal robe hook shown below in an elegant antique pewter finish.

The Carolina Crystal collection features crystal glass inlay.

A sister collection, Carolina, has the same design but with a protruding button design instead of the crystal, giving it a more subdued, classic look. Take a look at a Carolina robe hook to see the contrast.

If your taste and robes are more modern and streamlined, you might like our Remi collection robe hook, shown here in a polished nickel finish:

Robe Hooks Aren't Just For Robes

Of course, our robe hooks aren't only for robes. Customers use them in kitchens and entryways to hold up heavier items like a cozy wool Canada Goose® blanket. Put yours on a sturdy hook made from brass pipe like this one from our Camo collection:

You see, our robe hooks are strong enough to secure and hold hold a heavy blanket or garment. Each piece is also finished with a powder coating that won't fade or peel.

We offer 17 different finishes for most of our 38 collections. Our Pipeline collection - made from brass pipe like the Camo collection - offers eight different finishes.

Put a hook in your kitchen to hold oven gloves, mesh garlic bags (they might keep away mosquitoes!), tea towels, or wash rags. We're particularly fond of the hook below from our Bolero collection, with its cheerful bubble design:

 Finish: Polished Chrome

Robe Hooks Are Easy to Install

Our robe hooks are really easy to install. As you can see from this video, they're created to hang up easily:

We include instructions and installation hardware with every order. All our products come with a limited lifetime warranty; they'll remain as good as new under normal use. And we ship free throughout Canada!

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