These Allied Brass Accessories Transform Humble Bathrooms into Elegant Hotel Baths

Are you ready to spruce up your bathroom a bit? We have several decorative brass accessories that will transform even the most humble bathroom into a five-star hotel bath!

Nothing Says Luxury Like a Beautiful Towel Shelf To Hold Extra Towels

The abundance of towels is one of the things we love most about hotel bathrooms. We liked this so much, we went ahead and bought more towels for our bathroom. Then we realized that we needed a way to keep them handy.

The image of a towel shelf immediately came to mind. That sent us, literally, to the drawing board where we came up with this train rack towel shelf that incorporates two towel bars and hooks:

Prestige Skyline Collection. Finish: Polished Brass

We were so pleased with this, we incorporated a similar style into our other Prestige collections and several others. 

Our other designs include this one from our flatter, more streamlined one from our Pipeline collection:

Finish: Brushed Bronze

This style is available with and without the towel bar. 

Our towel shelves come in several sizes depending on the collection. See our Towel Shelves page for all our designs and sizes and to preview different finishes.

Brass Floor Towel Stands With Flair

If you have a large bathroom, we recommend a brass floor towel stand to hold extra towels. They're also great ways to air out towels after use.

Our towel stands are designed with flair as well as function. Here are a couple of designs we think are well-poised for a hotel-quality bathroom:

Finish: Polished Chrome 


Finish: Antique Bronze

The base on each floor stand is weighted to prevent stands from tipping over. Stands can be adjusted to a height perfect for you. Visit our floor towel stands page for details.

Toilet Tissue Stands Deliver Elegance and Mobility

Floor toilet tissue stands are our last suggestion - for today at least - to amp up the style in your bathroom.

Tribecca Collection. Finish: Satin Brass

We really like freestanding toilet tissue holder for a few reasons:

  1. They really are very pretty.
  2. They're easy to move for cleaning purposes.
  3. Like towel stands, they can be adjusted for height.

These are also reasons why freestanding toilet tissue holders are so popular in hotels. And they're very useful for people with physical disabilities who may not be able to reach or twist sideways for TP. The one above has three places to place a roll.

This stand from our Clearview collection uses acrylic and brass finished in matte black to create interesting color contrasts:

We also have toilet tissue stands that hold an extra roll, like this one


Finish: Antique Copper

We always look for new ideas, and what better place than an elegant hotel bathroom? 

There are so many other elegant bathroom accessories in our catalog. We hope you'll browse it for new ideas to add to your own space.

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