Allied Brass Pipeline Collection Towel Bar

We've featured our Pipeline collection in several blog photos and were pleased to see it's our top seller for 2021.

What's Pipeline's appeal? We think it's the steampunk* style - a blend of industrial style paired to real-brass pipe strength. This braided stainless steel towel ring from the collection, with a satin nickel finish on the hardware, illustrates it perfectly. (Click on any image to reach the product page, where you can preview different finishes.)

The braided ring can be shaped into a circle or pulled into an oval finish shown here.

We have nine finishes for our pipe-made lines - eight in Pipeline and green camouflage in our Camo collection. 

* Steampunk refers to literature, usually science fiction, that blends technology (usually steam-driven) with Victorian or Wild West/Gold Rush settings. It's exploded in fashion and design in recent years. Check out this overview from the Steampunk Avenue blog.

Pipeline Brings a Full Complement of Bathroom Accessories and More

Do your bathrooms need updated hardware? You'll find a lot of choices in the Pipeline collection. There is enough variety to complement steampunk styles from hardcore (like the towel ring above) to modern elegance like the Euro-style toilet tissue stand below.

Pipeline collection toilet tissue stand. Finish: Matte White

This is one of Pipeline's newest additions, too, bringing the total number of pieces in the collection to 51. 

Do you have an older bathroom with space for a recessed toilet paper holder? Here's Pipeline's take, finished in matte black - our most popular finish in 2021:

Pipeline's vanity top soap dish works with any style, modern or traditional:

Finish: Brushed Bronze

Pipeline also features an equally elegant wall-mounted soap dish. All wall-mounted pieces include mounting hardware and instructions.

Pipeline Collection Towel Bars and Towel Shelves

If you're looking for towel bars, you'll find a lot of options in the Pipeline collection.

In addition to the towel ring, there are single and double towel bars, including a towel bar with hooks added to either end;  ladder-style towel bars; and towel shelves like this one:

 Finish: Polished Chrome

Note the towel bar incorporated under the shelf that complements the overall industrial/steampunk flavor.

A similar shelf is available without the towel bar, although the bars can be used to hang towels as well as hold folded ones.

 All our towel bars and shelves come in four sizes. 

Pipeline Accessories For Around the Home or Office

 The Pipeline collection made a major contribution to our kitchen hardware a couple of years ago when we introduced coffee mug holders like this wall-mounted model:

Finish: Antique Bronze

We also designed mug organizers that fit under the counter and as counter-top accessories. All are offered with four or six hooks.

Speaking of hooks, Pipeline offers a stylish bathrobe hook and multi hook sets with two, three, and six hooks. Here's a three-hook set that will work well in a mudroom, laundry room, closet, or kitchen:

Finish: Satin Nickel

Huge Selection of Pipeline Shelves

If you're looking for really unique shelving, you can't go wrong with a Pipeline shelf. We offer them in three tiers, and with wood or glass shelves. Shelf options include towel bars added underneath the shelf, and gallery rails.

Here's an elegant single glass Pipeline shelf with towel bar, finished in matte white:

Don't worry about fragile glass. We use tough, tempered safety glass that's about five times stronger than untreated brass. We wrote about the safety glass used in our shelves a few months ago.

Take a look at all our glass shelves. Any of them would work well in both contemporary and, we think, space-age decor. Like Burnham's and Tilly's quarters.

Our wood shelves are made from premium Ipe hardwood, a highly durable type of wood used in boardwalks and decks. Here's an article about Ipe features.

The oil-rubbed bronze finishes on the hardware of this Pipeline triple wood  shelf beautifully complements the shelf color:

You can see all Pipeline wood shelves here.

All shelves come in 16" and 22" lengths.

There's even more to the Pipeline collection - so take a look at it today! Remember, shipping is free throughout Canada.

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