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We're pleased to offer top quality decorative brass hardware designed and manufactured right here in North America.

Why choose brass?

  • It's a great material for design and fabrication work.
  • It's made with copper, which quickly disrupts bacterial and viruses.
  • It won't rust because it has no iron element.
  • It's super-strong.
A medley of brass hook styles

    We Keep Limited Supplies and Manufacture Many Items Upon Order

    Right now, we have 38 different collections that total about 2,500 unique products. Add in all the finish and design options we offer, that comes to nearly 44,000 distinct products! 

    Collage of Allied Brass hardware

    Obviously, it would take a heck of a lot of warehouse space to keep even a few pieces of everything we order. It would also cost a heck of a lot in acreage and utility expenses. This would be a wasteful approach and we do care about controlling our carbon footprint.

    Instead, we manufacture most items as they are ordered. Our modest warehouse does hold some very popular pieces with more regular demand - and even those are unfinished until orders come in with the specifics.

    Frameless, tilting beveled mirror

    Frameless tilt wall mirror. Finish: Matte Black

    36 of our 38 collections come in 17 standard finishes that are powder-coated to prevent rust, peeling, and fading. Our Pipeline collection offers eight standard finishes, plus green camouflage in the Camo collection, also constructed from brass pipe fittings. 

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    Our fulfillment strategy also makes it easy to offer additional details like ring styles on several of our items.

     Pacific Beach collection. Ring detail: Twist. Finish: Polished Nickel

    Our Customers Say the Wait is Worth It!

    The decision not to stockpile and instead to manufacture upon order does mean there's a bit of a wait before customers receive their items. But judging from our sales, the wait is worth it.

    We know we're lucky! We also don't have manufacturing delays since we do it all here in Virginia, USA. We have plenty of places to source brass, so we're mostly unaffected by the supply chain issues you've read about - although some delivery schedules are still impacted by uh, other issues at the border.

    We still believe this is the best way to keep luxury hardware products accessible to customers who want them.

    Luxury hardware for bathrooms

    We will continue to focus our attention to details during the manufacturing process and carefully package all our shipments. Remember, we ship free to Canada.

    Stay safe, friends. 

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