Brass European-style toilet paper holder

All Allied Brass accessories will last for years with normal use. Of course, some will be used more than others - maybe several times a day. They'll still hold up for decades even - so much that you probably won't even think about them.

Here are four accessories we know get used multiple times each day, year after year:

  • Toilet Paper Holders
  • Towel Bars
  • Shower Curtain Brackets and Rods
  • Shower Door Hardware

Every-Day Accessories With Impeccable Looks and Durability

The accessories listed above are needed for basic hygiene. They're used at least once or twice a day, every day. Many of them are use by more than one person.

There's certainly no shortage of these products. Problem is, most of them won't last very long and aren't terribly attractive. Here's where we break the mold: 


Our accessories are attractive and will last for decades.


Toilet Paper Holders Created With Flair, For Every Bathroom

Let's face it, we all need toilet paper and toilet paper holders to keep them in place.

We've crafted TP holders that will work in any kind of bathroom: shared within a home, used by one person, used by several people as in an business washroom. Here are some features you'll find:

  • Single and multi roll, holding up to five rolls
  • Fit inside recesses
  • Upright styles
  • Floor standing and mobile
  • Traditional, two-post with sturdy springs that won't fly across the room!
  • Roller-less European style
  • Glass or wood shelf options 

Here are a few samples. Click on any image to go to the product page where you can preview different finishes and other options.


 Pipeline Collection double roll toilet paper holder. Finish: Antique Bronze.


Waverly Place Collection three-roll toilet paper holder with wood shelf. Finish: Antique Brass.

We also offer double and triple roll TP holders with glass shelves, and in vertical positions.

Washington Square Collection Euro-style toilet tissue holder. Finish: Antique Pewter.

There are lots more toilet paper holders to see - over 165 at last count!

Stylish Towel Holders With Tons of Design Options

Towel holders are another daily necessity. You don't want your towels on the floor any more than your TP, right?

Our towel holders will fit any type of towel, from hand towels in a powder room to jumbo-size, super-fluffy terrycloth bath towels. We create dual towel bars (because you need a separate towel after washing your hair, right?) and ladder-style bars to hold several bath towels.

Here's a ladder towel bar from our Pacific Grove Collection, which incorporates tough, clear acrylic bars and detail with a brass frame:

Ladder style towel bar

Finish: Polished Brass

Three-tiered bars are also available. In addition to 17 different finishes, there are four ring accents to choose from: smooth, twisted, grooved, and dotted.

Towel ladders come in four lengths: 24", 30", and 36".

Do you just need a towel bar for a single towel? We have plenty of those. They come in 18", 24", 30", and 36" lengths. This one has hooks integrated with it.

Single towel bar with integrated hooks

Sag Harbor Collection. Finish: Satin Chrome

How about a towel ring - even if it's not actually round?

Continental Collection towel ring. Finish: Antique Copper

We have round towel rings, too. Take a look at the varieties of towel holders we have for you!

Keep the Water Inside Your Bath or Shower - In Great Style!

Whether you have a bath or shower, or a combination, you want to keep the water inside. We've got this covered, too, with stylish shower curtain brackets with rods and shower door hardware.

We also sell sturdy brass shower curtain rods that extend to 60" and 72" lengths. Like most of our hardware, they are available in 17 finishes.

Here are a couple of brackets to consider.

Skyline Collection with dotted ring accents. Finish: Polished Nickel.

Brackets are sold separately. Get them with same finish or consider a contrasting one!

Montero Collection with rod. Finish: Venetian Bronze.

If you have shower doors, you'll want strong, durable door handles or towel bars. We have dozens of choices for you - all made with moisture-resistant brass that won't rust, peel, or fade.

Here is a shower door towel bar from our Monte Carlo Collection:

 Finish: Satin Brass

Click on the image to see the detail close-up.

This is also available as a two-bar set for back-to-back installation. Shower door towel bars come in three sizes: 18," 24," and 30". 

If you're just looking for shower doors, you can't go wrong with this gleaming  back to back set from our Clearview Collection.

Finish: Satin Chrome

Clearview is another collection that blends brass with acrylic. Note the grooved ring accent on this set. The door pull is also available as a single pull to install inside or out.

See more shower door hardware. It's quite a collection!

We hope we've given you some ideas for replacing old or worn-out hardware with new durable and stylish accessories to last a lifetime!

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