Brass toilet paper holder with crystal inlay, fits in recessed space

What's snazzy, brassy, and has a shiny crystal inlay?

It's our Carolina Crystal collection. With apologies to Gilmour, Waters, and Wright, this collection is probably our most eye-catching thanks to glass crystal inlays in every piece.

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Brass That's Big and Bold and Brings Lots of Shine

Carolina Crystal is one of our larger collections, with about 60 distinctive pieces. Just about every category is represented in Carolina Crystal. Glass shelves and wood shelves are a large part of the collection.

Here's a double glass shelf with a towel bar added underneath for extra functionality:

Finish: Venetian Bronze

A triple shelf is also available, towel bar optional.

Don't need so much shelf? Here's an elegant, and very shiny, single shelf with a gallery rail to keep small items from falling or rolling off:

Finish: Antique Pewter

Note the thick safety glass used in our products. This glass is several times stronger than untreated glass.

Obviously, glass and brass deliver the most shine - especially with that crystal! The wood shelves bring a quieter kind of dignity. The crystal really stands out in darker finishes on the brass like matte black shown here:

Like the crystal shelves, wood shelves come with three shelf options plus optional gallery rails and towel bars.

All Carolina Crystal shelves come as 16" or 22" lengths.

Hook Up In Style

Goodness, we didn't mean that.

We meant, the Carolina Crystal hook sets offer particularly stylish way to keep stuff off the ground like your collection of pompom toques.

Finish: Brushed Bronze

Hang up your robe or Rundle wrap with this strong, shiny hook:

Finish: Satin Chrome

Brighten Up a Room With Crystal-Inlaid Hardware

We're aware that hardware has a dull reputation. We're working to change that. Carolina Crystal is our biscuit in the basket, so to speak.

Cheer up your bathroom with a tumbler holder you won't miss in the dark early morning:

Brass bathroom tumbler holder with crystal inlay

Finish: Antique Bronze 

And when the sun's up at 5 am, It will be so nice to see its rays catch the crystal etched into the brass  of this rail-mounted round mirror:

Rail-mounted round wall mirror with crystal inlay

 Finish: Antique Brass

 Shine on, indeed. 

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