Two-sided brass makeup mirror

Do you love to mix up colors in your home?

We get it. Allied Brass offers 17 standard finishes for 36 of our 37 collections. That's a heck of a lot more than what our competitors offer.

Our Pipeline collection, created from pipe fitting, offers eight finishes.  

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Even better - we can customize just about any color you desire for a modest one-time fee that lets you "own" that shade going forward. Who else is offering a deal like this?

Custom Color Options Match Our Standard Quality Finishes

All our finishes - standard as well as custom - are made from powder coatings that are warrantied against peeling, rusting, or fading with normal use. Our partner, Prismatic Powders offers the largest custom color selection in the world - more than 6,500 unique colors!

Prismatic Powders can also match a color you supply, using a brand, paint code, even a team or school. 

Custom Color options

This means that even accessories you use several times a day (think of soap dishes and dispensers) will look as smart years after you install them. Just wipe them down with plain soap and water for routine cleaning. Check out our post about other ways to clean brass, especially really dirty and varnished brass.

Three Reasons To Custom-Color Brass Hardware

We can think of a lot of reasons to custom-color brass hardware, but for now we'll give you three:

1. Keeps kids from mixing up their belongings. True story: our brother and SIL have triplet daughters, now in their 30s. They're also identical, which is incredibly rare - maybe 30 out of every one million births.

Like many parents, my brother and his wife color-coded belongings for each child. They actually did this from the very start using colored bracelets to tell the babies apart from one another. They continued using colors later on to keep personal items like toothbrushes separate. 

Take this a step further in your home. Put up custom-colored bathroom towel bars, for example, to keep everyone's personal towel separate (a really big deal for teenagers). Do the same with brass hooks at the door entrances, shared closets, and playrooms.

2. Adds a splash of fun to a room! Use your brass accessories to accent a smallish room. Colors add unexpected fun to this - imagine an elegant violet votive candle holder or a turquoise brass shower basket.

Personally, we recommend something really eye-catching (outside of our own chrome finish, of course) for washroom soap dispensers.  In our opinion, no finish can be considered "too much" when it comes to encouraging or reminding people to wash their hands!

3. Cheers up dull place. Some accessories have really limited placement options. Toilet paper holders come to mind. Why not cheer up this area with a nice apple spice-colored toilet paper holder?

If you're updating a room, especially a kitchen or bathroom, take a look at our essential brass accessories for kitchens and bathrooms/washrooms. Chances are, you'll like the many finishes we offer. And if you yearn for something unique, we can help! Contact us to start a conversation about your decorating ideas.

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