Rectangular frameless ceiling hung mirrors from Allied Brass

Ceiling-hung mirrors used to be something you'd only see in high-end restaurant washrooms and maybe in a few homes of your more eccentric (and wealthier) friends and relations.

Here at Allied Brass, we design and manufacture our own ceiling-hung mirrors that are affordable and quite stylish in a minimalist way. All are frameless with beveled edges.

Ceiling-Hung Mirrors are An Intriguing Style Option

We've featured our original brass mirrors in the past. They include range of beautiful wall-mounted mirrors, some mounted on stylish railroad-style frames, while others can tilt up and down.

Ceiling-hung mirrors are another mirror option more homeowners are choosing for the alternative design and we think, the slightly rakish or intriguing look. 

Rectangular ceiling hung mirror

No one expects to see a ceiling-hung mirror, especially in a private home. There's still an element of surprise when they show up.

The mirror above features a rectangular landscape shape. The visible hardware, including the poles and assays that secure them to the mirror, are brass and available in 17 different shades. Mounting hardware and installation instructions are included.

Poles are 60" long and can be cut to a desired length.

The mirrors themselves are made with tempered safety glass - the same that we use for our glass shelves. Read our earlier article about tempered safety glass.

What Shape Do You Want For Your Hanging Mirror?

We did go back to basics when deciding on shapes to offer for our wall mirrors and hanging mirrors. In addition rectangular landscape shape, we offer four others:

Finish: Antique Copper

Click on the links and images to get more details like mirror sizes and to preview different finishes.

Ceiling-hung mirrors add dash to bedrooms, powder rooms, and bathrooms. Consider getting one for your next remodel!

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