It's Our First Black Friday in Canada!

We realized as we put up our Black Friday banner on the website that this is our first one in Canada!

We've been in business down south of y'all for nigh on 60 years. For the past couple of decades, Black Friday has been our biggest annual event. 

Instead of schlepping around Vaughan Mills or Market Square, why not shop online for specialty goods like designer brass hardware?

10% Discount on Brass Hardware Through Nov. 30

An Allied Brass product makes for terrific holiday gift. One of our favorite new-ish products (introduced in 2019) are mug holders/organizers.

 Finish: Matte Black

The one above is made from brass pipe fittings and comes from our Pipeline collection, which offers eight distinct shades. Or get one in the  green camouflage finish featured in our Camo collection. 

You can also get mug holders made from brass without pipe. They have a different design and are offered in 17 different finishes.

All mug holders also come in wall-mounted and under-the counter design to save maximum space. All come in four-mug and six-mug options as well.

Votive candle holders are another favorite gift idea. In addition to adding a touch of romance to the right places, they're also practical, especially with unpredictable weather that brings occasional power loss. 

 Carolina Crystal Collection; Venetian Bronze Finish

All our candle holders are made to be wall-mounted for safety reasons. We include mounting hardware and instructions with all our products.

Wall-mounted incense burners are another wonderful gift idea. Ours hold incense sticks and are made from brass and include a removable glass container.

Here's one from our Que New collection, with a casually elegant brushed bronze finish:

Be sure to enter the code listed on our website at check-out to get this time-limited discount!

Don't Forget To Treat Yourself to Quality Brass Accessories and Hardware

We aren't exactly complaining, but when our significant other asks what we want for a gift and we say "a smartwatch," an air-fryer doesn't really cut it. (We later traded it for a really good food processor.)

That doesn't mean our SO doesn't care. We charitably chalked it up to uncertainty about how to go about purchasing what's really a specialty item.

If you're updating or redecorating, or decorating a new place, consider treating yourself to quality brass products.

As our regular readers and website visitors know, we offer a sizable collection of luxury items for bathrooms, powder rooms, kitchen, and other places where you want to show off high-end touches.

 High quality brass hardware and home accessories from Allied Brass

We design our products in-house, and manufacture them in our own factory in Louisa, Virginia. Every product comes with a limited lifetime warranty and ships free throughout Canada.

Black Friday isn't just for gift-buying. It's a great opportunity to get something for yourself!

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Good news, we think!

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