Shower Door Hardware With Style

In the past, we've asked "what's hanging over your tub?" to introduce you our very smart shower curtain hardware.

If you have shower doors, though, you'll need shower door hardware to help you safely get inside and out of the shower, and maybe to hang towels as well. We've got options for both!

Brass and Acrylic Design

We'll start by stating the obvious: our shower doors are made with brass for a lot of reasons. For us, it's a really versatile metal that works well with design and we like to do our own designs. We like the way it looks and feels.

Like brass, acrylic is also durable and resists corrosion. Most of our shower doors and pulls are made with brass and acrylic. The two look wonderful together to deliver a stylish, modern look for a glassed-in shower.  

Single, One-Sided Shower Door Pulls With Acrylic Handles

Our single side shower door pulls are mounted on one side of a glass door. They work on either side of a shower door, and with sliding glass doors and those that open on hinges. They come in three sizes: 8", 12", and 18".

Here's one from our Pacific Grove Collection with an Antique Copper finish. Click on this and any image to visit the product page.


Brass and acrylic shower door pull


Note the twisted design on the rings that secure the acrylic pull to the brass hardware. This is offered on all brass and acrylic Allied Brass products - our Pacific Grove, Pacific Beach, and Clearview collections. Other ring designs include dotted, grooved, and smooth. 

All our single-sided shower door pulls are made with brass and acrylic for the handles. 

Back to Back Shower Door Pulls

We also offer back to back shower door pulls made entirely from brass and the brass/acrylic combination. They attach from both sides of a glass shower door. They come with the same size options as single pulls.

Here's one of the all-brass sets from a house brand, shown in a luxurious Satin Brass finish.

The rings have grooved accents and are available on many of our house brands.

This set from the Clearview Collection features dotted ring accents, with an Antique Brass finish.


Brass and acrylic shower door pull setBack to back sets allow easy access in and out of a shower and can be used to pull or slide doors open and shut.


Single and Back to Back Shower Door Towel Bars 

Shower door towel bars are a third option that add the obvious convenience of providing yet another way to keep towels off the bathroom floor!

Like our back to back shower door pulls, we offer single and back to back shower door towel bars. All-brass and brass/acrylic combinations are available for both styles.

Here's a brass-and-acrylic single shower door towel bar from the Clearview Collection, shown in a shiny Polished Chrome finish:


Brass and acrylic shower door towel bar

The ring detail is smooth.

If you prefer all-brass, our popular Dottingham Collection delivers with this back to back shower door towel bar shown in a handsome Antique Pewter finish:

brass back to back shower door towel bar

17 Standard Finishes and Free Shipping Throughout Canada

Every Allied Brass product is available in 17 different finishes: 14 metallic colors, including an unfinished option, and matte colors black, white, and gray.

Our finishes are warrantied against fading, peeling, or tearing used under normal circumstances for as long as you reside in the home where you installed our product.

Remember, shipping is free anywhere in Canada!


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