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Have you thought about giving yourself a holiday gift? We think you deserve it! May we suggest a nice brass gift in the form of expertly-crafted designer brass hardware or brass home accessories?

Remember, our 10% off holiday sale runs through December 31. 
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Brass Is A Luxury Metal

We once heard all that glitters is gold but if we were to buy a stairway to any place, you better believe we'd want a brass one!

Anyway, gold is an element and not a metal. Brass, on the other hand, is a luxury metal. It's extremely durable, rust-proof (there's no iron in it) and resists moisture, which is why we highly recommend brass hardware in bathrooms. 

For example, we know our shower gets very cluttered in winter when we add moisturizers for hair and skin to the usual mix of soaps, shampoos, and conditioners. This double-tiered shower basket organizes our shower supplies: 

Finish: Polished Brass

We have an even dozen shower basket styles to choose from in different shapes, sizes, and tiers. All are available in 17 different finishes guaranteed not to fade, peel, or rust under normal use. Installation instructions and hardware are included.


Brass Accessories to Organize Your Closets

Unless you've made your closets showcase parts of your home, you probably keep yours in a semblance of order. Or maybe less.

May we recommend our solid brass multi hooks to lend a hand to organizing your private castle?

We offer sets in double, triple, and six hooks in 13 of our collections, as well as single robe hooks.

Our six-hook sets are frankly, astonishingly pretty. Here's one from our Carolina Crystal collection, shown in a shiny polished nickel finish:

Seriously, can you think of a more gorgeous way to organize necklaces or scarves, neck ties or bow ties, belts, and anything else you've got in there that's getting tangled up?

Here's an example of a traditional hook style elegantly placed in a three-hook set:

Prestige Skyline collection, Brushed Bronze finish

 If you prefer contemporary design, you might like the style seen in this two-hook set from our Fresno collection:

Finish: Antique Brass

Retractable Garment Rods Separate Clothes

Garment rods are another way to organize a closet. People use them to separate clothing waiting to be ironed or aired out to dry. Or sometimes, just to remind themselves to wear a garment for a special occasion.

Our garment rods are easy to install - they just require 10 inches of wall depth to retract the seven inches of rod when not in use. Here's an unusual one from our Clearview collection that blends acrylic with brass:

Finish: Venetian Bronze

Multi-Tiered Shelves For Serious Organization!

Are you working on a serious organization effort? Our multi-tiered shelves can be a huge help - and they're attractive, too!

We have double and triple-tiered glass and wood shelves perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, entryways, garages, craft spaces - you name it. 

We even have glass corner shelves that fit in spaces that are so often overlooked. 

Finish: Matte Black

Our glass shelves are very sturdy. They're made with tempered safety glass that's four to five times stronger than untreated glass. Read more about the strong glass we use in our shelves.

Then browse our other double and triple glass shelves. 

Our wood shelves include this handsome three-tiered shelf from our Pipeline collection.

Finish: Satin Nickel

Pipeline collection is available in seven finishes, plus green camouflage from our Camo collection. Don't miss our other triple wood shelves.

How about adding a towel bar to a shelf? This comes in handy in kitchens and garages. Here's one on a double wood shelf from our Carolina collection:

Finish: Antique Copper

See more double wood shelves. All are fitted with sturdy brass hardware.

Except for corners shelves, all our glass and wood shelves come in 16" or 22" inches.

Here's a break down of all our shelf styles. Remember, you can customize colors and add features like gallery rails as well. Contact us for details.

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