Toilet with decorative hardware ADA-compliant grab bar

Have you considered installing safety bars in your bathroom? Safety grab bars save lives, and not just for the elderly.

  • Grab bars are also useful for children learning to bathe or shower on their own (with supervision, of course).
  • They can be a lifesaver when you're sick, injured, or otherwise unwell.

Our Safety Grab Bars Deliver Strength With Style 

Allied Brass offers a range of sturdy and stylish grab bars for bathrooms. They're designed to assist with toileting and getting in and out of the tub or shower. Each grab bar come with hardware and instructions to securely mount it into a wall horizontally, vertically, or at an angle.

Modern Reeded Grab Bar. Finish: Polished Chrome

Don't rely on towel bars to steady yourself in the bathroom. They simply are not designed to support an adult's weight.  

Injury From Falls are Common Among Seniors

The government keeps track of accident reports among seniors age 65+. The most recent Health Survey on Seniors reports that slightly more than 17% reported a fall within the past two years. Falls are the most common reason a senior needs hospital care.

Bathrooms are particularly dangerous places to fall. They have slippery surfaces and more moisture than other rooms, and a lot of hard surfaces like tubs and basins. 

But many falls can be prevented, especially in the bathroom. Safety grab bars are an important part of fall prevention.

Waverly Place Collection. Finish: Brushed Bronze

Our grab bars are manufactured in the US and are ADA-compliant for adults. (Full compliance requires proper installation as well.)

Grab Bars Cool Enough for Your Bathroom!

We're certain that you've spent time and money to create a lovely, relaxing bathroom. Don't ruin it with ugly grab bars.

You know what we mean.

We specialize in decorative hardware for bathrooms that are tough and meant to last a lifetime. All our hardware is made from brass, and our brass grab bars are constructed entirely from this tough metal - nothing else. They just happen to be really attractive as well.

Dottingham Collection. Finish: Polished Brass

If you prefer a more modern, industrial look, the safety bars in our Pipeline collection are a great choice:


Grab Bars with Different Sizes, Grips, and Finishes 

We don't believe in one-size-fits-all. Our grab bars come in four sizes:

  • 16"
  • 24"
  • 32"
  • 36"

Choose from 17 standard finishes - far more than you'll find among our competitors. (Pipeline currently offers eight finishes - still a lot, eh?) We can also customize a color

These are powder-coated finishes that are warrantied against peeling, tearing, or rusting - because there is no iron to rust on brass hardware. 

We also offer smooth or reeded grips depending on preference.

And finally, all our products ship with no extra charge in Canada. 

Questions? Give us a holler!

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