Dual bathroom tissue holder with wood shelf

Is there a guest-friendly washroom in your home?

Even if you don't have an extra one for the occasional guest, there's a lot you can do to make the space you have easier to share while adding a lot of style!

We have several washroom accessories - made from brass, of course - that make the most of the available space, especially when the couch or extra room is open for guests. Click on any of the images or links below to see more details and preview finishes.

Get Our Ultimate Washroom Organizer!

We'll begin with a host's best friend - a wall-mounted organizer with loops that can hold  washroom accessories like hair dryers and tumblers and a swivel towel bar to hold hand towels.

Here's one from our Dottingham collection, shown in a handsome antique pewter finish:


Note the concentric dotted circles, a feature of this large decorative hardware collection. With about 80 accessories, you'll find plenty of options to match, such as a train rack-style towel shelf to store extra towels, with room to hang one or two to dry. They come in two lengths: 24" and 36".

You'll find these organizers in five other collections. They come in 17 standard finishes - much more than many of our competitors offer!

Never Run Out of Bathroom Tissue!

The Number One rule in our home is Never Run Out of Toilet Paper. This means ensuring that thin rolls are quickly fortified with fresh ones so no one is left in a terrible uh, situation.

However, we also had our share of children in a hurry to get business finished and get on with whatever was interrupted.

To keep the peace, we looked for double holders. We didn't like a lot of what we saw, so we turned to the drawing board and created several different styles to hold a couple of rolls at a time.

Here's an upright from our contemporary Montero Collection that holds two rolls. We liked the modern look, plus the obvious hint it delivers. The finish is polished chrome.

Our Monte Carlo collection dual roll holder is even more, well, obvious, while still beautiful. This one has a brushed bronze finish.

Note the detailed etchings on the base. It's a feature in this collection.

Later, we introduced double and triple holders for office restrooms. Many customers bought them for their shared washrooms as well. Here's one from our Prestige Regal collection, shown in a Venetian bronze finish.

Later, we added wood and glass shelves over many of our single and reserve bathroom tissue holders. They've been a huge hit with office and residential customers. Here's one with a glass shelf from our Prestige Skyline collection, finished in matte black:

 Take a look at more of our bathroom tissue holders with reserve roll space.

Easily Increase Towel Bar Space!

Have you ever wondered where you should hang a towel after using a friend's shower or bath? So have we. We usually default to draping it over a shower curtain or shower door.

You can do better, with one of our many multi-towel bar options. 

Our Wall Mounted Ladder Towel Bars Hold Up to Four Towels

Customers love our wall-mounted ladder towel bars. They're easy to install, are quite attractive, and are unobtrusive - you don't have to worry about someone knocking a towel off its bar!

Here's one from our Pipeline collection. The finish is oil-rubbed bronze. 


Incidentally, we have dozens of spin videos that provide 360-views of many of our accessories.

Pipeline's ladder towels come in three sizes: 24", 30", and 36" to fit any length or number of towels. There are eight finish options for this particular collection, which is constructed from brass pipe fittings. It's one of our most popular collections.

See more of our ladder-style towel bars - including some made with brass and sturdy clear acrylic.

Double Towel Bars Available in Four Lengths

Double towel bars are another option for shared (or occasionally shared) washrooms. Many people keep them in their private washrooms as well - after all, you can't have too much towel bar space!

Our double towel bars are designed to ensure towels have enough space to remain separate and dry out. They come in four lengths: 18", 24", 30", and 36".

Take a look at this double towel bar from our Mercury collection, shown in an antique copper finish:

Note the elegant curves that allow towels to hang separately and the design grooves etched into the upper rings. Mercury accessories feature three other ring designs: smooth, dotted, and twisted.

We offer several towel bars constructed from brass and acrylic. Here's a double towel bar from our Pacific Beach collection, with a polished brass finish and an elegant twisted ring design:

The arms on this bar stretch forward, rather than down. The effect is the same - to keep towels separate and dry.

Our Clearview and Pacific Grove collections also blend brass with acrylic.

Be sure to see more of our double towel bars.

Browse Our Site for More Space-Saving Washroom Accessories

Honestly, we've shown just a few samples of the types of decorative hardware we offer for shared washrooms. Browse our site for more, including guest towel holders, towel trays, shelves, and much more!

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