How to Accessorize Your Decorative Hardware

Normally, we talk about how decorative hardware is a great accessory. Today, we want to discuss how you can accessorize your Allied Brass hardware.

Many of our products can be accessorized to add more functionality. Stay with us - we can explain how we do this!

How to Add More Shelf Life

You can get a beautiful wood or glass shelf from us and be perfectly happy. Honestly, we really think ours are tops in design and durability. 

We make our shelves even more useful with a couple of options a lot of customers go for:

  • We can install a towel bar underneath most of our shelves
  • We can and adding gallery rails to make sure nothing falls off when you're sorting through jars, bottles, or tubes you store up there 

Click on any image to go to the product page where you can preview size and finish options, and zoom in to see details.

Towel Bars Under Shelves

It's amazing how hand towels move around, isn't it? Keep a couple of them in place right under the shelf in your bathroom, kitchen, laundry room - wherever you install an Allied Brass shelf. The option is available for glass shelves and wood shelves.

Brass and wood shelf with towel bar integrated underneath

Dottiingham Collection. Finish: Polished Nickel.

You can even add a towel bar under multi-level shelves:


Triple glass shelf with towel bar underneath

Montero Collection. Finish: Antique Copper.

Gallery Bars Hold 'Em In Place

We find we have more items to cram on shelves every year! - lotions and potions, in tubes, jars, and bottles. 

A gallery rail keeps everything on the shelf.

Double brass and glass shelf with gallery rails on both levels

 Waverly Place Collection. Finish: Antique Pewter.

 And you can add both a towel bar and gallery rail to most of our shelves.

Brass and wood shelf with towel bar and gallery rail

Carolina Collection. Finish: Matte Gray.

Hooks Let Towel Bars Hold More  

Many of our towel bars include hooks to hold extras like washcloths, hair ties, or whatever else would otherwise land on the floor. They're very handy!

Brass towel bar with hooks

Prestige Skyline Collection. Finish: Antique Copper.

As we did with our hook collections, we got creative with hook designs for towel bars:

Brass towel bar with upright hooks

Prestige Monte Carlo Collection. Finish: Polished Brass.

We're also aware that many of the finial designs also serve as hooks:

Double brass towel bar with finials that work like hooks

Retro Dot Collection. Finish: Antique Brass

It's ok to hang wet stuff like swimsuits on these finials - brass won't rust. And we warranty our finishes against peeling or fading with normal use. 

Put a Shelf Over Toilet Paper Holders

Is there a more logical place for a shelf than over a toilet paper holder?

Have you ever had a mobile phone fall out of your back pocket and into the toilet? Even if you won't admit it, you've probably heard someone at work shriek when it happened to them.

We offer glass and wood shelves to go over single, double, and even our triple TP holders.

Brass two post toilet paper holder with glass shelf

Astor Place Collection. Finish: Polished Nickel.

Our Dottingham Collection offers the most options for wood or glass shelves over TP holders. Visit the collection page and use the filter at left to tick off "Toilet Paper Holders" to see them.

Shelves Over Paper Towel Holders

We added glass shelves over our wall-mounted paper towel holders as well. Here's one from our Prestige Regal Collection:

Brass paper towel holder with overhead glass shelf
Finish: Oil-Rubbed Bronze.


See all our paper towel holders with shelves.  

Anything Can Be Accessorized!

If you're looking at a specific Allied Brass product and wondering if it can be accessorized, please let us know! We'd be happy to speak with you about it. 

We can also customize colors that aren't in our current palate for a modest fee. Once you pay that, you "own" the color going forward and can use it over and over again. Just let us know and we'll take it from there.

Here's our contact information. Ciao for now!

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