Brass towel ring with shiny chrome finish

Sometimes we wonder if we're too attached to towel rings. Sure, we think about towel holders a lot - after all, they are bathroom staples - but there's something about those rings that we couldn't stop designing them. At time we've felt like Gollum.

We Include a Towel Ring in Every One of Our 37 Collections

Because towel rings are so handy, we've included them in each of our collections, from the Steampunk-inspired Pipeline Collection to the glitter of Carolina Crystal. Click on any image below to go to the product page where you can preview different colors and zoom in on details.

Take this Pipeline towel ring. The hardware has a Brushed Bronze finish - one of seven finishes offered in this collection - and the ring itself is made from braided steel. Great for a Sum 41 type, eh?

A towel ring from the Carolina Crystal Collection falls on the other end of the hardware spectrum. 

This one has a lovely Polished Nickel finish, a gentle contrast to the glass crystal inlay that's a feature in this collection. Be sure to see the other 15 standard finishes we offer for this and our other collections.

Ring Details for Towel Rings

Add a ring design to your towel ring! Several collections offer twister, dotted, grooved or smooth designs on the connectors between the ring and the hanging hardware (which, by the way, is included with every order).

Here's an example of a grooved ring design etched on this towel ring from our Satellite Orbit One Collection:

Finish: Satin Brass

This towel ring from our Pacific Beach Collection has a twisted ring design, plus the acrylic detail featured in the collection.

Finish: Matte Gray

 Here's a dotted ring design on this towel ring from our Mercury Collection:

Finish: Antique Pewter

Turns Out, Not All Towel Rings Are Round

Not all towel rings are round, at least in our world. This one, from our Continental Collection, is square with rounded corners.

Finish: Antique Copper

 You'll see this ring style in our other collections like Tribecca and Washington Square

Why a Towel Ring? And Why Brass?

Towel rings are smaller, less obtrusive hardware and perfect for holding and drying out hand towels. With our large collection, you're sure to find one for your bathroom.

And because our towel rings are made from brass, they won't rust or get bent out of shape. We use powder-coatings for our finishes that are warrantied against peeling or fading under normal use (even in the Maritime provinces).

Remember, we ship free throughout Canada - even out to the Yukon!

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