Brass and glass shelf

Do you have post-holiday blues? We understand. We suggest you cheer yourself up with well-crafted brass hardware products.

How about organizing the messiest room in the house - the bathroom - with attractive brass accessories? Decluttering and organizing can definitely deliver a positive boost to your mood

Bathrooms are particularly busy spaces. Here are some of our ideas to keep them tidy:

Brass Towel Bars With Multiple Arms

No one likes to see towels on a floor. We have double towel bars, towel ladders, multi-arm towel stands, and towel shelves that keep towels off the floor and organized - even folded!

Brass Double Towel Bars in Every Allied Brass Collection

Every single Allied Brass collection features single and double towel bars. This gives you a huge choice of styles. Here are a couple of examples. Click on any image to go to the product page where you can preview different finishes and other options.

Pipeline Collection. Finish: Brushed Bronze

Pacific Beach Collection. Finish: Venetian Bronze with Dotted Ring Accents.

 All our double towel bars are available in four widths: 18", 24", 30", and 36". 

Pipeline products, which are crafted from cast iron and brass material parts. Accessories from this collection come in eight finishes.

All other collections offer 17 standard finishes. A few, like Pacific Beach, feature clear acrylic details and parts. It's also one of several collections that offer a choice of ring detailing.

Towel Ladders -  Four Levels To Drape Towels

Towel ladders are a great solution for shared bathrooms. They come in the same width selection as double towel bars.

 Brass towel ladder


Towel Shelves With Extra Hook Space

Our selection of brass towel shelves deliver a towel storage solution as well as organization. They come as flat shelves and railroad-track styles that offer hooks. And we can add towel bars under any shelf.

 Floor and Vanity Top Towel Stands

Floor towel stands add particularly elegant touches to ensuite and guest bathrooms. 


 Also called freestanding towel stands, these stands hold up to four towels. Some, like the one pictured above, have pivoting arms.

Vanity top towel stands are used in bathrooms to hold hand towels and in kitchens to hold organize tea towels.

Brass vanity top towel stand

Clearview Collection. Finish: Polished Chrome

Double and Triple Shelves De-clutter Tight Spaces

Even large bathrooms seem short on space, don't they? Luckily, we have a large collection of extremely sturdy wood shelves and glass shelves that come in double and triple options.


Carolina Crystal Collection. Finish: Antique Copper

Dottingham Collection. Finish: Antique Bronze

Our shelves come in two widths: 18" and 24". We can add towel bars, like in the example above, to any double of triple shelf.

Hair Dryer Organizers Deliver Extra Storage

We've always appreciated hair dryer holders we saw in barber shops and salons. They provide safe ways to store dryers, especially when they're hot! 

We thought they'd be great inside homes, too. But we realized they could do more. So we created hair dryer holders and organizers to hold towels and tumblers.

Here's one from our Monte Carlo collection, shown with an Antique Brass finish. 

All parts swivel so you can arrange them just the way you like. 

Don't let a messy bathroom get you down. Browse our site today to see more great ways to organize a bathroom!

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