Two roll TP holder with wood shelf

We know you want decorative hardware that works hard and looks good. You know, like Drake or Nina Dobrev. 

Allied Brass delivers on both: our decorative hardware is made from tough brass that won't rust or corrode and comes in more than 35 collections designed to complement decor.

Read on about three of our our hardest working, multi-tasking hardware pieces. Click on any image to visit the product page and check out the details.

1. Towel Bars With Hooks

Towel bars are the most basic hardware you need in your home. We've added hooks to several towel bars to hang facecloths, hair bands, and other items you keep by the basin.

Here's an example of a towel bar with hooks, from our Prestige Monte Carlo Collection. The finish is Brushed Bronze, one of 23 we offer.

towel bar with hooks


The hooks on this towel bar from our Dottingham Collection stand straight up in an entirely different style. The finish is Satin Chrome.

brass towel bar with hooks


Our towel bars come in four lengths: 18", 24", 30", and 36". 

2. Hair Dryer Holders / Washroom Organizers

Our hair dryer holders / washroom organizers are probably our most multi-tasking hardware pieces - think Ian White and Chris Campoli.

First and foremost, we wanted to provide a way to keep hairdryers out of the way, especially right after they've been used and are still hot (back in the day, we had our share of hair dryer burns). We also wanted them to be as far from water as possible.

Then we decided to add a couple more organizing parts and put in a 7" swivel towel arm and another loop to hold a tumbler. This piece is from our Waverly Place Collection and is shown in an Antique Pewter finish.


Brass hair dryer and bathroom organizer

3. Shelves Over Toilet Tissue Holders

This is probably the most practical hardware innovation ever created, at least in modern times. We can fit glass or wood shelves over just about any wall-mounted toilet paper holder except those in the European style.

They're especially popular for multi-roll holders usually bought for guest and office washrooms.

Prestige Regal Collection. Finish: Polished Brass



Our multi-roll toilet tissue holders come in horizontal and vertical orientations. Shelves can be fitted over either style.
3 roll brass TP holder with wood shelf
Que New Collection. Finish: Antique Copper.


We offer shelves can over single-roll TP holders, too. Here's an example from our Pipeline Collection, shown with a Matte Gray finish that really brings out the pipe fitting pieces used to create this hardware.


This is also available with a glass shelf. Pipeline products are currently available in eight finishes.

Take a look at our other multi-tasking hardware, including paper towel holders with glass shelves - great for storing cleaning products -  and shelves with towel bars added underneath.


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