Two ring towel valet in bathroom

We can't stand seeing towels on the floor. It makes the whole bathroom look like a wreck, even if it's so clean it gleams.

Our six types of towel holders deliver stylish ways to keep towels off the floor and hanging properly where they belong!

  1. Towel Bars, including single and double towel bars and ladder-style towel bars
  2. Towel Rings
  3. Towel Shelves that include integrated towel bars and hooks
  4. Vanity Top Towel Stands and towel trays
  5. Floor Towel Stands
  6. Wall-Mounted Vertical Towel Bars with Swivel Arms

 We've written about towel rings and included towel shelves and floor towel stands in a discussion about how to create an elegant, five-star hotel bathroom look.  Let's talk about the other types of towel holders.

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How Many Towels Do You Need to Hang Up?

As odd as this sounds, we think about different needs for towel bars. Our towel bars come in different lengths that hold multiple face towels and one or more bath towels

For example, our single and double towel bars come in four lengths: 18", 24", 30", and 36". Eighteen inches is pretty good to hold a couple of hand towels. Twenty-four inches is great for a single bath towel, while 30" and 36" are perfect for two or more bath towels.

The polished chrome finish shown on this Washington Square Collection towel bar is particularly elegant to show off these lovely bath towels:


Single towel bar holding two towels


 Or maybe you like to hang towels separately, so a double towel bar like this one from our Monte Carlo Collection, shown in an Antique Copper finish, is one answer. 


Double towel bar for bath towels


A 36"-long double towel bar can hold up to four bath towels. 

Ladder-style towel bars are another option to hold multiple bath towels. Ours come with four "tiers" and securely mount to a wall and come in 24", 30", and 36" lengths. This one, from our Clearview Collection, blends acrylic and brass and has a Satin Chrome finish.


Brass wall mounted ladder style towel bar with acrylic arms


Clearview, along with our other acrylic-and-brass collections, offers four designs on the rings that attach the bars to the posts. 

Wall-Mounted Towel Bars with Swivel Arms

Towel bars with swivel arms are popular because they allow towels to hang separately and air-dry more quickly. 

Ours come with three independent swing arms that extend out 28" and fold back against the wall when not in use.


wall mounted towel bar with three swivel arms



Collection: Prestige Monte Carlo. Finish: Polished Brass

These towel bars are perfect for shared bathrooms. Other places to mount them are near spas, pools and locker room showers. 

Vanity Top Towel Stands for Guest Towels and Tea Towels

We can't think of a better way to display and offer guest towels and tea towels than our vanity top towel stands. Also called towel valets, we've created brass sculptures to complement powder rooms, kitchen, and guest and office washrooms.

We offer several styles that feature T-shaped arms and with one, two, or three rings. This one, from our Tribeca collection, echoes the swan neck of the nearby faucet and includes the collection's unique base design. 

Finish: Satin Nickel

This two-ring towel valet from our Retro Wave Collection has a classic T-shape design, with groove details prominent on the arms and repeated at the base. 


Two ring tea towel stand


Finish: Antique Brass

Guest Towel Trays - the Next Level of Elegance!

If your powder room or guest bathroom leans on the elegant side, consider a wall-mounted or vanity top glass guest towel tray that can hold several neatly folded towels.

This sophisticated wall-mounted brass and glass tray from our Waverly Place Collection is supported by thick safety glass that underscores its sturdiness. It's inviting and practical - who wouldn't reach for a towel from it? 

Brass and glass guest towel tray

Finish: Antique Pewter

We have more than 250 unique ways to hold (and display) towels. There's no reason to lay them directly on a counter or heaven forbid, leave them on the bathroom floor! We know there's a towel holder in a style that complements your taste and decor. 

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