Brass vanity top towel holder with rings

We recently described our finishes as "metallic" and a couple of people  immediately started to air-guitar the opening chords to Enter Sandman.

We joined in, of course. 

Truth is, 13 of our 17 standard finishes are metallic colors. Three others - gray, black, and white - are matte colors. One is unlacquered but starts off as highly polished brass like this cabinet knob from our Carolina Crystal Collection

Our point is that Allied Brass offers a lot of standard finishes and most of them are metallic. 

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Colors are the Finishing Touch for Decorative Hardware

We don't skimp on finishes because they are, literally, the finishing touch for decorative hardware.

Whether you go for the cool look of the Washington Square Collection with its cylindrical details, or the classic look in the Carolina Collection (it's a cousin to Carolina Crystal, minus the glass crystal inlay), you want the right finish to set off the hardware as a design statement, or to complement the rest of the room.

It all depends on what you want.

Take this tumbler and toothbrush holder from Washington Square. It really is quite striking. The Brushed Bronze finish gives it a bit of attitude, doesn't it? 

Brass tumbler and toothbrush holder

Now look at this robe hook from the Carolina Collection.

Brass hook


That Matte Black finish - which we usually see on more modern designs like the curvaceous Remi Collection - doesn't disguise its elegance, but it does complement the other touches in this bathroom - especially the sleek faucet and even the switches. 

Here's a Remi towel ring - note how the stem curves up, much like the robe hook in the collection. The finish is Antique Pewter. 

Brass towel ring

Remi is one of our smaller collections but we really like the style. Here's a glass Remi shelf with an integrated towel bar. The finish is Polished Nickel.

Remi shelves come in two sizes - 16" and 22".

Many of our other collections offer shelves in different sizes and tiers - up to three tiers - and with safety glass or hardwood. Here's a gateway to all our shelves

Metallic Colors Have Staying Power

Metallic colors never go out of style, say the editors at the website, which specializes in silk bedding products.  Highly polished metallic colors and those with a sheen brighten up otherwise overlooked spaces while those with softer, satin finishes are excellent accent pieces.

We couldn't agree more.

Metallic colors periodically show up in fashion, and this is one of those years. In addition to gold and silver staples, copper and bronze are showing up on runways as primary colors for blouses and to accent other clothing.

 Be sure to preview different finishes as you browse through our website and consider how our palette offers ways to accent or highlight decorative hardware throughout your home.

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