Retractable brass hook

Meet our newest product - retractable brass hooks.

Carolina Crystal Collection. Finish: Satin Brass

We just introduced these hooks. They are so unique, we have a patent pending for it here in the US. You won't find hooks like these anywhere else but Allied Brass!

Here's a video we made explaining how these hooks work:

Four Retractable Hook Styles

We're launching our retractable hooks in four unique styles: 

4 retractable brass hooks

 Clockwise from upper left:

All hooks are made from brass and come in 17 different finishes.

    Easy to Install Wall Hooks!

    As the video explains, they install into a hollow wall - there's no need to find a wall stud.

    Each hook extends out 2.5" and can hold up to 15 pounds. We include installation hardware and instructions.

    When the hooks are not in use, just push them back and you've got a cute button-like wall decoration like this Carolina Crystal piece:

    Finish: Brushed Bronze.

    Or if you want it to blend into a plain laundry room wall:

     Finish: Matte White.

     Want a new look for your retractable hook? You can interchange hook tips with any of our designer brass knobs

    Need To Hold More? Get a Retractable Garment Rod

    We've offered sturdy retractable garment rods for several years. These rods are longer and  hold up to 20 pounds. They extend out 10" and should be installed in an end wall with enough depth.

    Here's our video on our retractable garment rods:

    We include all installation hardware and instructions. Garment rods are also available in 17 finishes.

    Questions? Contact us and we'll respond promptly.


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